Jewelry and Bags Launches New Rewards Points Program

At Jewelry and Bags, new items have been created in an attempt to provide consumers with fun spring jewelry pieces and accessories. Spring is the time of year when the snow melts, flowers bloom and the doldrums of winter are a thing of the past. This thought process has inspired Jewelry and Bags to created new items that employ a color palette to match this season. Mint, lavender, peach, and other pastel tones give a softness to the new necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories now available online. These items will look great with any dress and provide the sense of fun and style that consumers crave after a long winter.

Recently, Jewelry and Bags has created a new Rewards Points Program that provides customers with incentives that can be redeemed for future purchases. These points are not only earned through purchases, but also by simply signing up for an account, referring a friend, liking products on Facebook and more! This program is aimed to give consumers even more reason to purchase their fashion jewelry and accessories from Jewelry and Bags. For new customers, there is no better time to create an account than right now!

With this new update, Jewelry and Bags has created hundreds of new spring inspired fashion jewelry and accessories that can be purchased for incredibly low prices. These new looks mirror the latest trends worn by celebrities, but are available for a fraction of the price. Couple this with the new Rewards Points Program and there is no reason not to purchase your next fashion jewelry piece from Jewelry and Bags!

About Jewelry and Bags

Jewelry and Bags was founded in 2012 to offer retail consumers high quality and trendy fashion jewelry at wholesale distributor prices. Visit us online at