Brookstone Launches HICKIES® to Revolutionize Your Shoes

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Brookstone Launches HICKIES® to Revolutionize Your Shoes

Brookstone, the specialty retailer launched HICKIES® Elastic Laces, a revolutionary elastic lacing system that transforms the way consumers wear sneakers. By replacing traditional laces with HICKIES Elastic Laces, any athletic shoe becomes easy to slide on and off while upping the fashion ante with an eye-catching pop of color.

Made of specially-designed elastic material, HICKIES Elastic Laces slide into the eyelets of shoes and are secured by a small loop. The soft elastic stretches to adapt to the shape and width of any shoe, and it loosens and contracts with movement to provide a comfortable fit. HICKIES Elastic Laces also keep their shape and elasticity over time, allowing them to be worn in multiple pairs of shoes, no matter the placement of the eyelets. Available in 16 color combinations, each package includes 14 matching laces and two bonus laces of a second color scheme.

"The HICKIES elastic lacing system is an exciting addition to the Brookstone product lineup, as it embodies our commitment to bring innovative, solution-oriented products to consumers," said Steve Schwartz , Brookstone vice president of merchandising and product development. "Not only are HICKIES elastic laces extremely functional for every-day use, travel and exercise, the variety of colors makes it a fun mix-and-match way to completely change the look of your shoes."


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