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BWW Reviews: Exhibitions of the Week with Mel Bochner, Paul Graham, and Garry Winogrand
by Patrick Kennedy

Discover these must-see exhibitions of painting and photography from throughout the 20th century. (more...)

BWW Reviews: MODERNISM IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Offers a New Angle on 20th Century Art
by Patrick Kennedy

By drawing on painters and sculptors from outside the modernist mainstream, the Seattle Art Museum delivers an exhibition that is visually ravishing and historically enlightening. (more...)

BWW Reviews: The Bronx Museum, Sze It Now and Burcaw's Street Mural
by Barry Kostrinsky

Hop on the 4 or the D train and travel north young men and woman to see art in the South Bronx. No, that's not a typo, I did not mean to say go see the Yankees. Like many inner cities including Detroi... (more...)

BWW Reviews: Clay in a Blaze of Glory at the Clay Arts Center
by Barry Kostrinsky

Sometimes art is not about Museum blockbuster exhibits, 50 minute interviews on Charlie Rose and opening night attendence by a who's who list of celebrities from coast to coast. Most times art is abou... (more...)

BWW Reviews: Art to Respect, or Art to Reject, in JEFF KOONS: A RETROSPECTIVE
by Patrick Kennedy

In an enormous and well-curated exhibition,the Whitney Museum invites its visitors to discover and debate one of today's divisive sculptors and painters. (more...)

BWW Reviews: DEGENERATE ART Reconstructs Art History at Its Most Tragic
by Patrick Kennedy

With DEGENERATE ART, the Neue Galerie revisits an infamous 1937 exhibition, posing Nazi official artists against vilified German modernists. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Masterpiece After Masterpiece at Philadelphia's Barnes Collection
by Naomi Serviss

Better allow plenty of time for visiting the astonishing collection, which includes more than 800 paintings and is worth an estimated $25 billion. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Lots of Versatility, and a Dash of Controversy, in SIGMAR POLKE: ALIBIS
by Patrick Kennedy

In a major retrospective, the Museum of Modern Art examines the career of Sigmar Polke, a German artist who worked in breathtakingly different mediums and styles. (more...)

BWW Reviews: MARK ROTHKO: THE WATERCOLORS Reveals the Delicate Side of a High-Drama Artist
by Patrick Kennedy

A new show at Pace Gallery finds Mark Rothko, one of the leading lights of Abstract Expressionsim, combining rigorous techniques, well-chosen influences, and bursts of originality all his own. (more...)

BWW Reviews: The Jewish Museum Revisits Post-Modern Breakthroughs with OTHER PRIMARY STRUCTURES
by Patrick Kennedy

An 'exhibition about an exhibition,' OTHER PRIMARY STRUCTURES both puts a new spin on a defining moment in modern sculpture and achieves entertaining experiences all its own. (more...)

BWW Reviews: GAUGUIN: METAMORPHOSES Celebrates Mastery Across Art Forms
by Patrick Kennedy

With its retrospective of Paul Gauguin's paintings, sculptures, prints, and wood carvings, the Museum of Modern Art provides an evenhanded yet enchanting view of a major modern innovator. (more...)

BWW Reviews: STRIKING RESEMBLANCE Brings Honest, Insigtful Portraiture to the Zimmerli Museum
by Patrick Kennedy

The genre-specific exhibition STRIKING RESEMBLANCE focuses on a difficult artform--the portrait--and reveals moments of enjoyment and enlightenment. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Fashion Institute's ELEGANCE IN AN AGE OF CRISIS Mixes Restraint and Ravishment
by Patrick Kennedy

In a new showcase, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology focuses on the high-end dressmaking and tailoring that defined 1930s style. (more...)

BWW Reviews: John Cederquist Shapes ILLUSIONS IN WOOD
by Erica Miner

Illusion took center stage in the San Diego area last weekend when Orange County-based master craftsman John Cederquist brought his unique wood pieces to the small but pristine jewel known as the Cann... (more...)

BWW Reviews: Cured to Perfection the ADAA Art Fair is a Pleasure to Visit
by Barry Kostrinsky

The Art Dealers Association of America- ADAA for acronym lover's, is consistently the classiest and most enjoyable art fair experience every year. Temporarily housed through Sunday in the Park Avenue ... (more...)

BWW Reviews: A Piered Armory Show Peers Back To The Past
by Barry Kostrinsky

As if there is not enough confusion in the art world THE Armory show and many satellite fairs dropped through New York Cities stratosphere Wednesday night and orbits through March 9. What is the Armor... (more...)

BWW Reviews: Pace Gallery Creates a Post-Modernistic Contrast with SOL LEWITT and KEITH SONNIER
by Patrick Kennedy

The showcases SOL LEWITT: HORIZONTAL PROGRESSIONS and KEITH SONNIER: ELYSIAN PLAIN AND EARLY WORKS put side-by-side two artists with markedly different techniques and fascinating points of contact. (more...)

BWW Reviews: THE ARMORY SHOW AT 100 Commemorates Revolutionary Modernist Art
by Patrick Kennedy

The New-York Historical Society revisits the 1913 Armory Show, staging a centennial exhibition that raises complex, perhaps inconclusive questions about revolution in the arts. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Kandinsky Headlines an Interdisciplinary Showcase with BLAUE REITER TO THE BAUHAUS
by Patrick Kennedy

In a major exhibition, the Neue Galerie explores the collaborative, integrative artworks of abstract painter Vasily Kandinsky. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Jewish Museum Reveals the Darkness and Thoughtfulness of Marc Chagall
by Patrick Kennedy

The new exhibition CHAGALL: LOVE, WAR, AND EXILE offers a new view of a well-liked modernist painter. (more...)

Memorable Art Moments in 2013
by Barry Kostrinsky

What's hot: Forgeries, Infinity Rooms. Though a dry year weather wise, rain has been in. Red, Reflective materials. What is not there. Doing very little- like staring. Conceptualism, Caravaggio. Koo... (more...)

Standout Art Exhibitions of 2013
by Patrick Kennedy

One museum critic selects the year's most illuminating showcases. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Guggenheim Hosts a Collaborative, Keen-Witted Christopher Wool Retrospective
by Patrick Kennedy

In its major winter 2013 showcase, the Guggenheim Museum gave its visitors a close look at a postmodern master: painter, photographer, and sculptor Christopher Wool. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Robert Motherwell Retrospective Gives Collage an Intellectual Edge
by Patrick Kennedy

The new Guggenheim showcase, ROBERT MOTHERWELL: EARLY COLLAGES, shows a well-read, widely-resourceful artist working in top form. (more...)

BWW Reviews: MoMA's MYSTERY OF THE ORDINARY Showcases Magritte's Intriguing Art
by Patrick Kennedy

In a new major retrospective, the Museum of Modern Art acquaints its visitors with the revolutionary Surrealist paintings, collages, and objects of René Magritte. (more...)

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