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Liza Minnelli On Hollywood Childhood, Elvis & SIMPLY LIZA

Liza Minnelli On Hollywood Childhood, Elvis & SIMPLY LIZAInternationally celebrated stage and screen icon Liza Minnelli discusses her incomparable Hollywood history, her affection for Elvis Presley and her new solo show SIMPLY LIZA as part of a wide-ranging new interview.

Looking back at her legendary heritage - the only Oscar-winning offspring of two Academy Award winners, mother Judy Garland and father Vincente Minnelli - Minnelli states of her upbringing, "I never felt I had to live up to anything!"

Minnelli continues, "I was raised not to feel that. I was raised to be an individual and I'm so grateful to my parents for that! A lot of it had to do with them saying, 'Don't listen to us! Just listen to yourself. There's no one like you.' I could have done anything!"

Commenting upon her affection for her favorite Broadway musical, BYE BYE BIRDIE, and its real-life inspiration, Elvis Presley, Minnelli remembers, "I loved Elvis."

Yet, when questioned why she did not proceed to pursue a career in rock music, Minnelli shares, "I couldn't do that. First of all, I was a girl! But I could dance like that! Still can!"

As for her new show, SIMPLY LIZA, Minnelli reveals, "It's called SIMPLY LIZA. It's songs that I like that other people like, some of which I haven't sung in a while and some that I've never sung, [like] 'Yes [I Can]' which opens the show."

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