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BWW Blog: Keeping Yourself on Track

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BWW Blog: Keeping Yourself on Track

It can be really easy to lose motivation or focus whether its the middle of the semester or in our current case, the middle of a pandemic. As an actor, we all our own goals we are trying to reach, but we sometimes forget about the personal work that goes with it. I know that I often find myself so wrapped up in the course work of the semester and my academic goals, I tend to forget about personal creative goals I have as an actor. Here I am surrounded by resources and instead, I spend my weekends or an occasional free evening binging another show on Netflix. In hopes of spending my time more wisely, here are some tips to keep growing and moving forward within your craft in your free time. They may seem simple or obvious, but they are so important.

Manage your time.

Budget time in each day to memorizing a monologue, practicing a song, or playing with a new warm-up. Even if it's only for 30-minutes, it's rewarding knowing that you dedicated some time each day to your craft.

Look for new material.

Take some time to find a new monologue. Find some free play pdfs online and begin the monologue search. Listen to some cast albums and look for new music to sing. Try to find something that not everybody knows. I know it can take a while to find something new that you want to add to your repertoire, but what better time to look then now?

Read something.

Read some plays. Read a biography. Read some articles. This can really help to fuel your motivation and inspire you. There are so many resources out there. Keep learning always.

Update your resume.

When was the last time you updated your resume? Add your recent credits or spruce it up a little bit. You've got the time.

Put together a reel.

Start editing together your reel. Find some production footage or make a self-tape of some of the material you've been working on. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Also, watch some other reels to get an idea of the formatting that you may want.

Stay Current.

Do your research. What kinds of productions are being produced? What's on and off-Broadway right now? Who are some playwrights and artists to look out for? It is so important to be educated on what's currently going on in the theatre industry.

Get Inspired.

Watch some 54 Below concerts on YouTube, watch/read interviews, watch some backstage vlogs. Staying inspired is what will push you to the next level in your creative process.


This is the most important. Take this time to solidify the material you've been working on. Also, play around with some new types of material. Try something different with an old piece even. Play around with placement, tones, dynamics, and styles. Challenge yourself. Use your imagination.

Hopefully, these tips gave you some inspiration on how to be spending your time. Be patient with yourself but work hard. It will only serve you in the end.


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