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Review: DIE GOEIE PA at The Drama Factory Is an Exceptional Piece of Gritty Storytelling

Review: DIE GOEIE PA at The Drama Factory Is an Exceptional Piece of Gritty Storytelling

Fleur du Cap nominee Erika Marais shines in this stunning one-hander

I'm actually lucky enough to have seen this production three times now - which is quite something to say about a play that covers topics like gender-based violence, incest and murder. DIE GOEIE PA is a gritty tale based on true events, and this Afrikaans version pulls no punches. It's must-see theatre.

DIE GOEIE PA is based on the English play by Gail Louw, THE GOOD DAD. This Afrikaans adaptation was done by Paul du Toit, who also directed the piece. It tells the story of a family torn apart by the father's actions, when he decides to groom one of his young daughters and commit incest. From the outside, they seem like a happy normal family. On the inside, they have to deal with the guilt, the denial, the anger and the betrayal. Like I said, it's not an easy story to witness, but it's done so beautifully by the team of Paul du Toit as director and Erika Marais performing.

Marais plays three characters on stage - the daughter who was groomed, the twin sister who wasn't, and their mother. It's no easy task to portray three different characters without the use of props or costume changes. However, through careful characterisation and beautiful lighting changes, Marais is able to breeze into the different characters - shifting her body language, emotions and even her thought process as she moves. It's beautiful to watch.

I have to admit, I was a little concerned about being able to understand the piece because my Afrikaans is not great (languages and I do not get along). However, the first time I watched the piece, I completely understood the story thanks to the emotions that are so well constructed by actor and director. And I'm going to mention it again - Wicus Louw's clever lighting design also makes the piece captivating to watch.

I can highly recommend that you get to The Drama Factory this week to catch DIE GOEIE PA on stage.

Photo Credit: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

DI GOEIE PA is on at The Drama Factory until Sunday 3 July with performances at 15:30 and 19:30 Wednesday-Saturday and at 16:00 on Sunday. Tickets can be bought on the theatre's website.

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