WAITING FOR THE SUN Performs Amid the Blizzard

Record snowfall, suspended public transportation, poorly plowed city streets, and overall tough going could not deter the cast and crew of "Waiting For The Sun" from completing their run at the Venus/Adonis Theatre Festival January 24, 2016.

"Waiting For The Sun" is the moving story about a college student named Justin who is afflicted with Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD), a terminal and progressive, muscle-wasting disease. His flaky roommate, Zack, treats him to a special birthday present: a night with an exotic dancer named Tiffany who has, of all things, a wheelchair phobia.

It is the couple's hope that "Waiting For The Sun" will help to strip away societal perceptions of individuals with disabilities.

The married duo who created the play, award-winning writers, producers, and directors Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley were trepidatious about the logistics of the last show in their performance schedule, particularly in view of the fact that their lead actress had a two-hour commute from elsewhere in New York where transportation by rail was halted. In addition, Lyons-Keeley and Keeley had an hour-and-a-half commute from Connecticut themselves, and were still in recovery mode as one of the pair had been hospitalized the previous week due to cardiac issues.

Lyons-Keeley, who also is owner and president of Someday Productions LLC who produced the play had this to say:

"After two amazing performances, we would have been heartbroken if the final one would have had to have been canceled. With friends and family planning to attend Sunday, everyone would have been disappointed. And Emma Jean Delia, our lead actress, was irreplaceable - we were ready leave at the crack of dawn to trudge down Interstate 84 to retrieve her, then turn around and head back into the city. Of course we didn't know what we'd be facing once in New York, between the streets, parking, and foot travel. But...we made it!"

Lyons-Keeley and Keeley note that the play and the hitches tossed at them by the weather is art imitating life: it's about persevering through life's obstacles. After all was said and done, the entire cast, crew, and a good portion of its dedicated audience did make the final show. Lyons-Keeley and Keeley, encouraged by the very positive feedback following all three performances, are working diligently to secure a bigger venue for the play. As Lyons-Keeley has noted, it is a layered story that deals with issues to which many of us can relate on multiple levels.

For more information about Someday Productions, visit www.somedayprods.com. Lyons-Keeley and Keeley also blog about this and other projects, as well as do entertainment reviews and conduct celebrity/artist interviews on their sister page, Pillow Talking, at www.somedayprods.com/talking.

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