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Atlantic Acting School Summer Intensive
New York, New York
Day Ages: 4-18
Dates: 6 Weeks
Acting, Creativity, Monologues, Scene Work, On-Camera Technique
B'nai B'rith Camp
Beaverton, OR
Day+Sleepaway Ages: 7-17
Dates: 2- 7 Weeks
Jewish Values, Nature, Arts and Crafts, Singing, Drama, Dancing, and Creative Writing
Ballibay Camps Inc
Camptown, PA
Overnight Ages: 8-16
Dates: 3- 4 Weeks
Theatre, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Technical Theatre
Banner Day Camp Inc
Lake Forest, IL
Day Ages: 4-15
Dates: 4 Weeks, 8 Weeks
Creative Movement, Dance, Drama, Storytelling
Barrie Day Camp
Silver Spring, MD
Day Ages: 4-14
Dates: 2- 6 Weeks
Traditional camp activities, Outdoor activities, Dance, Music, Storytelling
Beauville Arts
Beauville, Aquitaine
Sleepaway Ages: 8-18
Dates: 1 Week
Musical Theatre, Dance, Song Writing
Beaver Summer Programs Off- Broadway
Chesnut Hill, MA
Day Ages: 9-13
Dates: 2 Weeks
Acting, Improv, Circus Arts, Design
Belvoir Terrace
Lenox, MA
Overnight Ages: 7-15
Dates: 5 or 6 Weeks
Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Sports
Berkeley Rep Summer Intensive
Berkeley, CA
Day Ages: 12-17
Dates: 3 Weeks
Acting, Improv, Stage Combat, Voice, Movement, Shakespeare
Hope, ME
Overnight Ages: 6-15
Dates: 1 Week- 5 Weeks
Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Activities, Performing Arts
Blackstone Valley B&G Club
Blackstone, MA
Day Ages: 6-13
Dates: 10 Weeks
Traditional camp activities, Arts & Crafts, Theatre, Swimming
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Twin Lake, MI
Sleepaway Ages: 10-17
Dates: 10 Days
Art, Band, Choir, Theatre, Music Composition, Jazz, Piano
Blue Mountain Ranch
Florissant, CO
Overnight Ages: 7-15
Dates: 2 Weeks
Outdoor Activities, Dance, Theater, Sports
Brewster Day Camp
Brewster, MA
Day Ages: 4-16
Dates: Week #1 June 24 – 28 Week #2 July 1 – July 5 Week #3 July 8 – July 12 Week #4 July 15 – 19 Week #5 July 22 – 26 Week #6 July 29 – August 2 Week #7 August 5 – 9 Week #8 August 12 – 16
Art, Outdoor Sports, Music, Theatre, Swimming
Broadway Artists Alliance
New York, NY
Day Ages: 10-21
Dates: 5- 7 Days
Acting, Voice, Dance, Performance
Broadway Kids In the Company of Kids
Burnsville, MN
Day Ages: 4-17
Dates: 5 days, 1 Week
Acting, Singing, Dancing, Improv.
Broadway Summer Camp at PlayhouseSquare
Cleveland, OH
Day Ages: 14-18
Dates: 1 Week
Singing, Acting, Dancing
BrooklineSmart Summers
Brookline, MA
Day Ages: 5-13
Dates: All programs meet Monday through Friday, for one or two weeks, between July 6 and August 14
Brown Ledge Camp
Colchester, VT
Sleepaway Ages: 10-18
Dates: 4 and 8 Weeks
Riding, Art & Crafts, Swimming, Theatre Arts, Tennis
Bryn Mawr Camp
Honesdale, PA
Overnight Ages: 7-16
Dates: 7 Weeks
Sports, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Theatre, Riding, Swimming, Music
Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp
New Milford, CT
Overnight Ages: 9-16
Dates: 2- 8 Weeks
Theatre, Fine Arts, Improv., Circus Arts, Photography, Dance, Music
Burning Coal - Summer Theatre Conservatory
Raleigh, NC
Day Ages: 11-18
Dates: 2 Weeks
Acting, Movement, Voice, Character Study
Camp Akeela
Thetford Center, VT
Overnight Ages: 8-18
Dates: 3 Weeks
Art, Drama, Music, Sports, Outdoor Adventure
Camp Arena Stage
Washington D.C., DC
Day Ages: 8-15
Dates: 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
Theatre, Music, Dance, Media
Camp Betsey Cox
Pittsford, VT
Overnight Ages: 8-15
Dates: 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 5 Weeks 8 Weeks
Creative & Performing Arts, Swimming, Riding, Sports
Camp Broadway
New York, NY
Day Ages: 6-17
Dates: One Week
Shining Stars | Musical Theater Camp, Ages 6-9 Camp Broadway Mainstage, Ages 10-17 The Next Step, Ages 14-17
Camp Calumet Lutheran
Freedom, NH
Day+Sleepaway Ages: 8-18
Dates: 1 Week
Spiritual, Drama, Music
Camp Cannon
Concord, NC
Day Ages: 4-18
Dates: 1 Week
Dance, Theatre, Music, Art, Cooking, Sports
Camp Caribou
Winslow, ME
Sleepaway Ages: 7-15
Dates: 3 Weeks 8 Weeks
Athletics, Adventure, Traditional Camp Activities, Waterfront
Camp Carysbrook
Riner, VA
Overnight Ages: 6-16
Dates: 1-8 Weeks
Riding, Sports, Drama, Dance, Music, Archery, Arts & Crafts
Camp Cayuga
Honesdale, PA
Overnight Ages: 6-16
Dates: 2- 8 Weeks
Traditional Camp Activities, Performing Arts, Circus Arts, Outdoor Sports, Water Sports, Wilderness, Horseback Riding
Camp CenterStage
Raymond, ME
Sleepaway Ages: 6-17
Dates: 12 Days
Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Writing, Film or Technical Theater
Camp Chateaugay
Merrill, NY
Overnight Ages: 6-15
Dates: 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 7 Weeks
Sports, Outdoor Activities, Dance, Theatre, Gymnastics, Photography
Camp Chief Ouray
Granby, CO
Sleepaway Ages: 7-17
Dates: 1 Week
Traditional Camp Programs, Themed Programs
Camp Cody
Freedom, NH
Sleepaway Ages: 7-15
Dates: 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
Athletics, Waterfront, Traditional Camp Activities
Camp Coniston
Grantham, NH
Sleepaway Ages: 8-15
Dates: 1 Week 2 Weeks
Self Discovery, Traditional Camp Activities, Athletics, Art
Camp Cranbrook
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Day Ages: 7-14
Dates: 1- 6 Weeks
Acting, Movement, Dance, Music, Storytelling
Camp Fernwood
Poland, ME
Overnight Ages: 8-15
Dates: 7 Weeks 2021 Summer Season Dates Opening Day: Thursday, June 24 Visiting Day: Saturday, July 24 Closing Day: Wednesday, August 11
Fashion Design, Theatre, Music, Dance, Sports, Watersports, Painting, Photography
Camp Green Lane
Green Lane, PA
Overnight Ages: 6-16
Dates: 3 Weeks 7 Weeks
Traditional Camp Activities, Art, Drama, Sports, Music, Cheerleading, Swimming
Camp Horizons
Harrisonburg, VA
Overnight Ages: 6-17
Dates: 1 and 2 Week sessions
Sport, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Drama, Woodworking
Claremont, CA
Day Ages: 7-17
Dates: TBA
Acting, Improvisation, Speaking, Singing, Dancing
Camp Laurel
Westport, CT
Overnight Ages: 7-15
Dates: 7 Weeks
Traditional Camp Activities, Sport, Waterfront
Camp Lohikan
Lake Como, PA
Overnight Ages: 6-16
Dates: 2 Weeks 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks
Traditional Camp Activities, Drama, Dance, Music, Sports, Riding, Adventure
Camp Marimeta
Eagle River, WI
Sleepaway Ages: 7-15
Dates: 4 Weeks
Waterfront, Adventure, Art, Sport
Camp Matoaka
Smithfield, ME
Overnight Ages: 6-16
Dates: 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 7 Weeks
Theater, Music, Dance, Sports, Adventure
Camp Med-O-Lark
Washington, ME
Overnight Ages: 8-16
Dates: 2 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks
Circus Arts, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Dance, Sports
Camp Media Theatre
Media, PA
Day Ages: 5-18
Dates: 2 Weeks
Singing, Acting, Dance
Camp Moosilauke
Orford, NH
Day Ages: 8-15
Dates: 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
Athletics, Traditional Camp Activities, Adventure
Camp North Star of Maine
Poland Spring, ME
Overnight Ages: 7-16
Dates: 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 7 Weeks
Sports, Water Sports, Music, Theatre Production, Dance, Voice
Camp Pemigewassett
Wentworth, NH
Overnight Ages: 8-15
Dates: 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 7 Weeks
Sports, Nature, Music, Drama, Art

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