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BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Proves that Truth and Justice Always Prevail in the Season 4 Finale

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Proves that Truth and Justice Always Prevail in the Season 4 Finale We've had 22 episodes of political turmoil in the superhero landscape, and Supergirl's season 4 battles come to an end in this supercharged season finale.

We fill in the blanks of what happened between Supergirl's fight with Red Daughter and the broadcast we saw at the end of last week's episode.

Lex opens the finale by admitting that kryptonite could never hold Supergirl down for good, but he brandishes a photo of her mother to Red Daughter, claiming that her heart has always made her weak. Lex charges his robot gauntlet with alien energy as he continues to play on Eve's infatuation with him.

Lex is channeling his inner Thanos a little hard as he drones on to the President about "snapping his fingers" to get him into the White House. Between that and his alien gauntlet, he really needs to chill.

The Kaznians brace for their attack on America as the U.S. soldiers line up to fight the oncoming attack. The drama unfolds with Frank Sinatra's "My Way" chiming in the background. The classic music is so very Lex.

Red Daughter clues into Lex's betrayal to her and the Kaznian people. Lex responds with, "What can I say? I'm proud to be an American" as he mercilessly shoots her with kryptonite and carts her body off into the sky. This leads us to the moment after Supergirl viewed the very same footage in the previous episode.

Alex and Kara's mom try to convince her not to go after Lex, but she refuses to let fear win. With Alex by her side, anything is possible.

Lex shames Red Daughter for not realizing his plan all along, judging her for having his entire history at her fingertips and not using it. He savagely says, "I hate Kryptonians. And what are you?" Accusing her of being stupid or mind-numbingly naive, it's easy to see the resemblance between Red Daughter and Supergirl-always believing the best of people. It manifested in a more potent way for Red Daughter, but who can blame her for being experimented on and manipulated by an evil genius? Red Daughter wishes he let her die, but Lex reveals that he has bigger plans for her.

The President appoints Lex as the new Secretary of Alien Affairs as Ben Lockwood struggles with the negative side effects of the serum. It doesn't stop him from taking out a dozen versions of Eve when they come for him, though.

Dreamer and J'onn plot a way to escape Shelley Island-where Lex has been hoarding aliens to siphon their powers.

Lex continues to play the hero as he donates energy supplies to the country while Lena looks on in horror. Kara and Alex join the party and Kara asks Brainy to recover the evidence that was destroyed.

Lex sends Lena an invitation to the White House, which she accepts to prevent him from going after her friends. While there, she watches her mother stroll in. Lex claims that every piece of his plan was crafted to clear THE FAMILY name and revolutionize energy worldwide by rounding up aliens to use as an energy source. Lena call is vile and Lex calls it viable. Meanwhile, his mother scolds him for quoting Hitler in public. "It will hurt the brand." Yikes.

Lex's first order of business is to use the aliens to charge a weapon powerful enough to blast away Argo-Superman's current place of residence. Lex steps away and Lena asks Lillian if she's actually buying any of his drivel, where she admits that she poisoned his tea. If he stopped droning on with his villainous monologue, he might actually have time to take a sip.

Eve tries to talk Lex out of wasting half of the energy by destroying Superman, outraged by his lack of transparency, and he admits that he used her. Lex, once again, lets his obsession with destroying Superman take front and center above all else by stating, "he will burn. C'mon, honey. Our victory deserves it."

Back on Shelley Island, Dreamer and J'onn create a massive brawl to distract the guards while they turn down the power-depleting energy. Dreamer astral projects, letting Alex, Brainy, and Kara know that they're being held on Shelley Island.

Lex proposes a toast to his family, assuring them that it is poison-free, unlike what his mother tried to give him. "Killing your son with ionizing radiation, now, that is on-brand."

While Lex claims that America needed a human hero and nothing can change the public's mind, Kara's article outing him and the presidents' exploits goes viral.

Decked out in his new armor, Agent Liberty proves he learned absolutely nothing and attempts to take on Supergirl-unable to come to terms with the fact that his entire hatred toward aliens was meticulously orchestrated by Lex (who Liberty had come to fight).

J'onn attempts to overload the energy system that's set to blow up Argo, ignoring Brainy's odds that he has an 18 percent chance at succeeding and a 98 percent chance of dying regardless of the end result. J'onn refuses to run again after what happened to his planet.

Lex throws a hissy fit when the weapon fails to fire, donning his patent purple and green super suit and flying to Shelley Island. Tess tries to prevent Lena from leaving the room, but she and her mother fight off the room.

During their fight against Agent Liberty, James begins to bleed, succumbing to the effects of the Harun-El. Agent Liberty gets even worse. Lex descends from the sky while the vial flies from Alex's reach as Lex laments, "No matter how many times I stamp you out, you miraculously resurface-your glossy cape and your perfect hair."

When Supergirl responds with, "truth and justice always prevail," he scoffs at her and Superman's unwavering sap.

Brainy watches Dreamer risk her life and has a meltdown, muttering "little boxes" to himself. He becomes himself again as his carefully-placed ambivalence wears off. He screams for Dreamer, fully realigned as he cheers them on and admits that he loves her in a flourish.

Supergirl fights Lex in her amped up super suit while Alex and James take on Agent Liberty, trying to force the antidote on him. Red Daughter flies in to take the shot of kryptonite that was aimed at Supergirl. With her dying breath, she says, "protect your people like I protected mine." Her energy is absorbed back into Supergirl as she withstands Lex's blast of kryptonite, blasting off his super suit as he falls from the sky. She begs him to let her save him as he laments that he'd rather die than be saved by a Kryptonian.

Lena surprises him when he escapes to his lair, detracting the Harun-El. While he claims she'll never kill him, she pulls the trigger. Ever predictable, he takes his final breaths unmasking Kara as Supergirl through his stalker footage. Despite Kara's plans to tell her after the Lex mess was over, this will undoubtedly set Lena off in a spiral to follow in her brother's footsteps.

The 25th amendment is enacted as the President is removed from office and gets carted off along with Agent Liberty, following Kara's exposè. Marshall law is lifted and the Alien Amnesty Act is restored, via an announcement by Haley. She admits that for a moment, the country doubted Supergirl, but she thanks her for her service and vows that they won't make the same mistake again.

Kelly admits her feelings to Alex while she cuts her off with a kiss and a "ditto." Brainy and Nia walk hand-in-hand past the two while Brainy says, "fear not, we saw nothing." His dorkiness has definitely grown on me since the beginning of the season, but I'm still dying for our OG nerd to come back. But Jeremy Jordan is busy slaying it in Waitress. I get it.

Lena walks into game night, pausing for a second, but carrying on like everything is okay-a reaction almost more disturbing than blowing up at Kara. Kara tells Alex that she needs to tell Lena the truth, but Alex convinces her to let her have the night,

Ben Lockwood's son proves that you don't have to follow the sins of your parents as he makes a statement vowing for acceptance after seeing the hatred of his father ruin so many lives. "If humans and aliens can just listen to each other, then we can just stand up united against those who seek to divide us. Supergirl watches on with a smile.

An old woman saddles up to Eve on a bench as she tries to escape, declaring that Leviathan everwhere and Leviathan is coming. Meanwhile, the Monitor frees a green martian from the Phantom Zone as the martian declares vengeance on J'onn Jones-his brother.

Lena smashes a photo of her, Alex, and Supergirl as the season ends with The Monitor paying Lex's corpse a visit. That can't end well.

The finale's plots probably should have been broken up into parts. That was an intensely-packed 42 minutes and my brain needs about a year to process all of those bombshells.

But despite everything that happened, my mind is stuck on one thing-Kara and Lena. I knew this was coming from day one. Of course, Lex's sister would be poised to become Supergirl's Lex Luthor. Of course. We all knew this was going to happen, and happen exactly the way it did.

I really needed Kara to be better than Clark was in Smallville and just tell her best friend the truth. There's never going to be a good time to reveal a secret like that, but she should have immediately done it once Lex revealed he knew.

I'm just gonna have to book my childhood therapist again to relive the trauma of my Smallville days because this is definitely not the last we've seen of Lena feeding into her dark side and just like Lex, betrayal was the push she needed to become Supergirl's future nemesis.

Thanks for following along with me on this 22-episode journey. It's been a wild ride. Supergirl forced us to skip the escape from real life and use the season as a metaphor for our current political landscape. But just like Kara, we need to put hope and the truth above all else and continue to fight the good fight.

Until next season, up, up, and away!

Photo Credit: Robert Falconer/The CW

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