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Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet

When Xandra isn't writing or attending conventions, she's dancing around her room in Supergirl cosplay, jammin' out to Britney Spears. She once had to stash her lightsaber behind a bush at the Rogue One premiere because the theater had a lame 'no Kyber crystal weapons' policy. Her friends insist that she's the poster child for Gryffindor because she's staunch in her beliefs and recklessly tries to change the world. You can follow her wild adventures on Twitter @litbyliterature 



BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Proves that Truth and Justice Always Prevail in the Season 4 Finale
May 21, 2019

Supergirl fights Lex Luthor, Agent Liberty, and the White House in this jam-packed season 4 finale. Sacrifices are made, secrets are revealed, and our favorite gang of misfit superheroes face their biggest challenge yet.

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Meets Her Evil Twin in 'You Are My Sunshine'
May 13, 2019

Supergirl takes on Red Daughter as Brainy faces his darker side and Alex begins to question her altered reality.

BWW Recap: Kara and Lena Uncover Treason at the Whitehouse In This Week's SUPERGIRL
May 6, 2019

Kara and Lena uncover Lex's secret lab in Kasnia while Alex has to make the biggest decision of her life. Meanwhile, Tessmacher has a few dozen tricks up her sleeves.

BWW Recap: Dreamer Shows the World That Everyone is Different on SUPERGIRL
April 29, 2019

Dreamer must pick up the cape while Supergirl is lying low. Alex and Kelly grow closer while James fights through his past trauma and Lena finally lets someone in.

BWW Recap: Kara Learns That Her Pen is Mightier Than Her Cape on SUPERGIRL
April 23, 2019

As the whole world loses trust in Supergirl, she must carry on in her attempts to take down Lex Luthor. But, sometimes the world needs journalists just as much as they need heroes. The truth is often the deadliest weapon someone can possess.

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL's Reputation is Demolished in 'All About Eve'
April 4, 2019

Supergirl, Alex, and Lena must work together to find Lex. Meanwhile, James struggles with the aftermath of his accident while a certain someone comes back into the picture to destroy Supergirl's reputation, causing mass pandemonium.

BWW Recap: Lex's Diabolical Plan Unfolds in SUPERGIRL's Flashback Episode, 'The House of L'
March 26, 2019

Supergirl flashbacks three years as we find out just what Lex Luthor has been up to since his arrest. He had a lot more tricks and allies up his sleeve than anyone could have guessed.

BWW Recap: Lex Luthor Schemes While a Beloved Character Fights For His Life On SUPERGIRL's 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'
March 26, 2019

Jam-packed with plot and emotion, we meet Lex Luthor in this episode of Supergirl and learn the fate of James Olsen. Full of double-crosses and constant action, this episode is the best of the season.

BWW Review: All Bets Were Off When Jeremy Jordan Stole BETSY WOLFE's Diary at Feinstein's/54 Below
March 18, 2019

It's always fun to see the dynamic of two Broadway superstars interacting as themselves onstage instead of a character. This show ranks pretty high for me. The setlist had a high number of songs from two of my favorite musicals - Waitress and The Last Five Years, and included a number of hits from her career along with the compellingly interesting and original numbers she brought to the stage. I'm just glad JJ stole her diary and not mine because yikes. 

BWW Recap: This Week's SUPERGIRL Stands and Delivers a Shocking and Potentially Fatal End For a Beloved Regular
March 11, 2019

This Week's Supergirl stands and delivers a Shocking and Potentially Fatal End For a Beloved Regular

BWW Review: Everyone Bopped To the Top at '54 SINGS THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL TRILOGY' at Feinstein's/54 Below
March 8, 2019

Representation? Nostalgia? Killer vocals? Wildcats? Feinstein's/54 Below had it all in '54 Sings the High School Musical Trilogy.

BWW RECAP: Everyone Must Choose a Side on This Week's SUPERGIRL
March 4, 2019

The alien vs human war is coming to a head, despite Supergirl's hope that everyone finds common ground, and after this episode, the lines of where everyone stands are clearer than ever. 

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Eats Our Hearts Out On Valentine's Day in 'Menagerie'
February 19, 2019

Supergirl is back from its mini-hiatus and ready to eat our hearts out with a slightly belated Valentine's Day-centric episode.

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Reveals Her Secret Identity to Someone New in 'Blood Memory'
January 28, 2019

Between sister drama, road trips, frat boys, and transphobia, this episode of Supergirl hits home for many. As always, there's a strong message of tolerance amidst the chaos.

BWW RECAP: The Danvers Sisters Are Changed Forever on This Week's SUPERGIRL
January 21, 2019

Shocking revelations unfold in the first Supergirl episode since the winter hiatus. Secrets unfold and relationships are changed in 'Suspicious Minds.'

BWW Review: Things Get Freaky at STRANGER SINGS! at Feinstein's/54 Below
January 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered who the Demogorgon gets freaky with in the shadows of The Upside Down? No? Me neither until I watched Stranger Sings! To say it was a wild ride is putting it mildly.

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Helps Save Multiple Earths (Again) in 'Elseworlds' As Superman Drops A Truth Bomb in Smallville
December 12, 2018

Supergirl works with Team Arrow and Team Flash to help save multiple Earths (Again) in 'Elseworlds'. Batwoman makes her first cameo and Superman drops a truth bomb in Smallville

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Unmasks the Truth in 'Bunker Hill'
December 5, 2018

Supergirl unmasks the truth and faces some of her toughest battles yet as the world she knows crumbles around her and a slew of secrets are revealed.

BWW Recap: James Olsen Embraces His Darkside in SUPERGIRL's 'Rather the Fallen Angel'
November 26, 2018

Settle in kids, there's lots of betrayal in this week's Supergirl. 'Rather the Fallen Angel' goes even deeper into the psyche of the Children of Liberty and shows us that even the best people are capable of doing terrible things.

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Tries to Quell the Rhetoric of Hate in 'Call to Action' as the DEO Tries to Save Thanksgiving
November 19, 2018

Supergirl tries to quell the rhetoric of hate in 'Call to Action' as the DEO tries to save Thanksgiving from becoming as much of a bloodbath as the OG.