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TWELV 31 VELVET BERRY LIQUEUR is an Exciting New Premium Spirit

TWELV 31 VELVET BERRY LIQUEUR is an Exciting New Premium Spirit

Twelv 31 Velvet Berry is the world's very first vodka and white rum liqueur. It is crafted using a special proprietary blend of 6 times distilled premium vodka and 5 times distilled premium white rum. Exotic berry essences with hints of citrus notes deliver a tantalizing, tropical taste profile. The fusion of these fine ingredients creates a smooth, well-balanced spirit.

The innovative partners that created Twelv 31 Velvet Berry are the accomplished young professionals, Bisi Nnaji and Channyn Williams. Bisi and Channyn met as undergraduates at Howard University. After growing tired of always settling for countless drinks that were too strong, too weak, or just too sweet, they developed a solution to their problem by fashioning their own spirit. Whenever the pair hosted a party, their mixed drinks were always a hit.

You may wonder how Twelv 31 Velvet Berry got its clever name. 12/31 is the day that Bisi and Channyn made the decision to move forward with their idea. It's also a beloved day of celebrations everywhere to ring in a new year. And Twelv 31 Velvet Berry is certainly a year-round delight.

Twelv 31 Velvet Berry, currently based in Washington DC, is the first liqueur of its kind and is perfect for your happy and festive times. It can be sipped, or mixed in cocktails. The signature color and pleasing finish makes Twelv 31 Velvet Berry a spirit that is poised to be a favorite of mixologists.

TWELV 31 VELVET BERRY LIQUEUR is an Exciting New Premium Spirit

Check out one of the brand's special, easy-to-mix recipes that you can have at home.



3 oz. Twelv 31 Velvet Berry

1 oz. sweet and sour mix

1 oz. tequila

*Garnish with strawberry and lemon twist

We like the Twelv 31 Velvet Berry slogan, "Strong enough for him, sweet enough for her." It has 20% alcohol by volume and is 40 proof. It is absolutely an enjoyable spirit for everyone, beautifully bottled.

For more information on Twelv 31 Velvet Berry and to find out where you can purchase, visit:

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Twelv 31

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