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Lauren Petty And Shaun Irons Present ALL OVER EVERYWHERE

Streaming live from Mitu 580 as part of its Artists-at-Home Program.

Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty will present All Over Everywhere (May 21-22) streaming live as a part of MITU 580's Artists-at-Home program.

All Over Everywhere is an interdisciplinary media and performance installation which engages connections and confrontations between human beings and the imperiled natural world, by combining otherworldly video, live performance, sculptural and photographic elements, integrated lighting and a vibrant reactive sound score.

This new hybrid work is a cautionary memento mori for our compromised planet, where entire landscapes, coastlines and cultures are being radically altered by catastrophic events including violent super-storms, flash fires, extreme heat waves and historic floods, which are growing in force and frequency due to our increasingly unstable climate. All Over Everywhere is a requiem for what has already been lost, as well as a benediction for what remains; a ritual of mourning that leads to catharsis, a change in perspective, and a deeper, more intuitive understanding of the fragility of our existence on this planet. Shifting weather patterns, mutating and eroding environments, undersea habitats and organic decay flicker in and out, in a cascade of moving imagery that veers from meditative to chaotic, akin to a mind (or planet) erasing its own memory.

Joining Irons and Petty on the creative team are Amy Mascena (props, costumes), Ian Douglas-Moore (sound engineer), Marika Kent (lighting consult), and Lilja Owsley (producing/ management).

Performances of All Over Everywhere will stream live on May 21-22 (see above schedule) from MITU 580. Tickets, priced on a sliding scale, can be purchased by visiting

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