Richard III - by William Shakespeare

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Richard III by William Shakespeare

Richard III is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays on the stage and has been adapted successfully for film. This new and innovative edition recognizes the play's pre-eminence as a performance work: a perspective that informs every aspect of the editing. Challenging traditional practice, the text is based on the 1597 Quarto which, brings us closest to the play as it would have been staged in Shakespeare's theater. The introduction, which is illustrated, explores the long performance history from Shakespeare's time to the present. The commentary gives detailed explanation of matters of language, staging, text, and historical and cultural contexts, providing coverage that is both carefully balanced and alert to nuance of meaning.

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Released: 2004

Book Review: EXPLORING SHAKESPEARE. A DIRECTOR'S NOTES FROM THE REHEARSAL ROOM by Bill Alexander by Louise Penn - July 14, 2023

The process of bringing the works of the Bard to a modern stage is full of challenges, as director Bill Alexander explains in his new book, Exploring Shakespeare. A Director's Notes from the Rehearsal Room. In an absorbing glimpse into the rehearsal room, we are introduced to the choices which face both cast and crew when developing a production, from time and pace to backstory and design.



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