Irreverent Acting - by Eric Morris

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Irreverent Acting by Eric Morris

IRREVERENT ACTING is a CRAFT HANDBOOK offering a practical, applicable approach to acting, with very specific techniques used to create the emotional life of the character. The craftual process of "Obligation/Choice/Choice approach" is fully explained in terms of the actor's responsibilities to a piece of material whether it be a monologue, scene, play or film. This book contains 22 of Eric's 27 "choice approaches" and score of other techniques which make it possible for the actor to fulfill all the obligations of written material from a basis or reality. This book explores the concept of "IRREVERENCE" and the actors need to be IRREVERENT to the material while exploring the character and other obligations during the rehearsal period. It also defines the two kinds of IRREVERENCE; Rehearsal irreverence, and performance irreverence. There is a section on PREPARATIONS, and the various types of craft preparations. The seven major obligations of material are specifically detailed, and there are numerous examples of "choices". This book is a specific manual on a complete craft system for the actor in search of a dependable process that is clear, and pragmatic. It answers that nagging question that most actor experience: "Now that I have the script, what do I do??"

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Irreverent Acting on Paperback

Publisher: Ermor Enterprises

Released: 1992



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