Cat's Away - by Cleve Haubold

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Cat's Away by Cleve Haubold

Comedy / 3 m, 2f / Another play woven around another set of daft characters from San Francisco's Union Street. Crusty but confused Estelle Bentwood insists her cat, Miss Pearl, has been writing naughty sea faring novels on her Underwood. Her niece, Mary, and Horace, the long suffering waiter, almost talk her out of the notion-- when an excitable publisher shows up with a manuscript, a contract, certified check and a passion for Miss Pearl! There's laughable confusion to comic chaos as everyone tries to close the deal in a different way. In the unexpected climax. Miss Pearl herself appears-- and her unlikely visit is a shock to everyone. Lovable off beat characters and an ingenious plot full of surprises makes this play an audience pleaser.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1980



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