Martin Sheen & More Attend Opening Night of 7th Annual Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World

Martin Sheen & More Attend Opening Night of 7th Annual Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World

Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World kicked off the Opening Night of the Seventh Annual Cinema Series on the evening of Friday, April 10, 2015 with a Screening and Panel Discussion about the film Bhopal: A Prayer of Rain at Canon U.S.A., Inc. in Hollywood, CA with the film's stars Martin Sheen and Mischa Barton; Director/Co-Writer, Ravi Kumar; Executive Producers Terrance Sweeney and Leszek Burzynski; Director of Photography Charlie Wuppermann; Distribution Executives, Seb Marciano and Daniel Brandt from Revolver Entertainment; and the event's Keynote Speaker, Tim Edwards, Executive Trustee of Bhopal Medical Appeal in attendance.

Marsha Hunt, the legendary 97-year-old actress and social activist of Hollywood's Golden Age received a sustained standing ovation from a capacity crowd of 175 guests as she received the First Annual "Hunt For Humanity Award" for her social activism presented to her by Ken Howard, President of SAG-AFTRA.

Kat Kramer, Founder, Presenter, Moderator and Producer of Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World, a Cinema Series showcasing motion pictures that raise awareness about important social issues, said: "This kick-off event of my Seventh Annual Cinema Series was a fundraiser for Bhopal Medical Appeal, which provides medical assistance to ill survivors still dealing with serious health issues as a result of the world's worst industrial disaster over 30 years ago which happened at Union Carbide in Bhopal, India in 1984. We raised several thousand dollars at the event and more funding will be forthcoming in the next several weeks as a result of live streaming of the event worldwide via Global Content Media, LLC."

Kat Kramer continued, "It was a great honor to have Ken Howard bestow upon Marsha Hunt my Cinema Series' First Annual 'Hunt For Humanity Award' to publicly acknowledge Ms. Hunt for her personal commitment to STANDING UP for doing what is right, regardless of the repercussions, and for being one of the first high profile role models to use her celebrity for the benefit of helping others."

Upon receiving the award at the event, Marsha Hunt said, "My life has been a great ride with more than it's share of

Martin Sheen & More Attend Opening Night of 7th Annual Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World
Mischa Barton, Martin Sheen

high points; even the lower points taught me and led me to higher ones. In my teen years I thought I was born to act, but when my acting career was interrupted, I discovered a wonderful world of challenges, which became opportunities, opening up my life far beyond acting. I am very grateful for all the good fortune I have been given in my blessed life. Receiving this award reminds me of the best idea I've ever had, that of 'Thankful Giving,' on Thanksgiving Day by showing gratitude for what we have by passing a bowl around the table to take up a collection to share the monies with a charity of choice to ease hunger throughout the world for those who have far less than we do. My concept of a new Thanksgiving observance called, 'Thankful Giving' was passed by both houses of Congress in 1978 and President Jimmy Carter advocated it in his proclamation."

Ken Howard's Introduction of the Marsha Hunt, The First Recipient of the"Hunt For Humanity Award":

As Ken Howard introduced Marsha Hunt, the first recipient of the "Hunt For Humanity Award," he said: "I've had the opportunity to honor some very accomplished people over the years and it has been a moving and thrilling experience to do so, but tonight...tonight is special because of the recipient. She is a giant among giants and a grand dame of cinema and entertainment. She is described as kind, generous, thoughtful, BRAVE and deeply concerned with the plight of her fellow humans.