Healing Seekers Adds Expedition Congo for Education

Antonio's mission is to spread sustainable awareness globally. The film industry is a great platform for a more sustainable future. Antonio Saillant"s lifelong interest in sustainability is what attracted him to Amy Greeson unique techniques. Antonio says, Amy, is this multi-talented incredible woman, a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who is most at home at the crossroads between medicine and the healing traditions of indigenous cultures. He truly believes, the world is a better place because of Amy's continuing contributions to our planet.

Amy takes a small team with her to these remote regions, where they meet with traditional healers and gather indigenous plants in an attempt to find new potential treatments. The team has been to the Amazon, the Andes and Madagascar, and to New Guinea and next stop, Expedition Congo for Education set for January - March, 2016 and is the 5th expedition of Healing Seekers.

The Healing Seekers mission is twofold - part research and part education. Amy says, Presently our educational materials are with one of the largest online media services and are available to over 50,000 schools (20-30 million students) in the USA alone.

Healing Seekers' 2016 Congo Expedition for Education will be to a region in the Republic of the Congo which has never been explored and documented by outsiders. We will take a small team of 5 and join with 15 guides and porters who live in the Congo.The expedition will be extremely intense and will require incredible perserverance from each member.

Our world is becoming smaller and its untapped, pristine areas and indigenous people are becoming treasures of history. The educational materials we create are unique, which complement school curriculums while also serving as a recorder of history. We hope that the materials bring awareness and encourage preservation; and will influence younger generations to be better stewards and protectors of the life forms, indigenous people and the environments which thrive on Earth.

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