Cancun Family-Vacation Hotel Explores Mayan Heritage in Stunning New Mural

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Cancun Family-Vacation Hotel Explores Mayan Heritage in Stunning New Mural

CANCUN, MEXICO - Nowhere else does a country's history inform its culture, art and food so vibrantly and palpably as it does in Mexico. Indeed, this very synchronicity is part of the destination's appeal. And drawing on this long tradition of cultural celebration is the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort, which recently commissioned a Mayan-inspired mural to adorn its event space.

Guests who visit these vast and luxurious hotel accommodations in Cancun will find the mural located, appropriately enough, in the room corridors of the resort. Inspired by mythological Mayan characters, the mural comes alive in strong geometrical patterns; bright oranges, blues and greens; and imagery that evokes the drama of a bygone civilization. The mural, which the artist painted in front of hotel guests during a special event, further sets apart the CasaMagna Marriott from other properties in the Cancun hotel zone.

The woman behind the vivid imagery is none other than Ledania, a renowned Colombian artist who was visiting Mexico at the invitation of a local art gallery. She painted 20 murals as she traveled throughout Mexico, and the CasaMagna Marriott seized the opportunity to offer her one more space to express her vision.

Luckily for guests, that space is one they can easily see on property. Already distinguished as one of the grandest resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya, the CasaMagna Marriott welcomes visitors with 416 guestrooms, 34 suites, 10 restaurants and miles of white beaches. This most recent enhancement not only celebrates the artistic and cultural legacy of the country, it also solidifies the property's reputation as one of the best hotels in Cancun.

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