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Yasmine Hamdan Set to Perform at globalFEST in New York City 1/12

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Called "Arabic music's modern voice" by The New York Times, we are proud to announce the debut album Ya Nass by Lebanese singer/songwriter Yasmine Hamdan.

Hamdan was first known as a member of Soapkills, the first-of-its-kind indie/electronic duo from Beirut that became an underground favorite across Arab speaking territories.

Now based in Paris, Hamdan has recorded Ya Nass (Crammed Discs) an elegant, borderless strain of electro folk pop, with acoustic guitars, vintage synths, and spellbinding atmospheres. The record is grounded in Yasmine's multi-faceted, evocative voice that make these songs familiar, even as they are sung in various Arabic dialects.

It's this ability to connect across genre and regional lines that has put Hamdan on the cover of Rolling Stone in Germany and splashed across features in French Vogue. At the same time, she is the subject of BBC Radio think pieces discussing her role as a cultural ambassador. In these self-possessed songs she is carrying bits of Arabic culture to the West.

In addition to Ya Nass, Yasmine will be appearing as herself in the new Jim Jarmusch film Only Lovers Left Alive. She will be singing her song "Hal", from Ya Nass, in the film featuring Tilda Swinton that will be released April 2014.

At the beginning of 2014 New York City can also look forward to seeing Ya Ness live, as Yasmine will be performing at the Standard Hotel on January 10th and as a part of globalFEST, on January 12th at Webster Hall. Please reply to this email to RSVP.

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