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Mertz Set to Release Forthcoming Album, The Good in The Bad

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Mertz Set to Release Forthcoming Album, The Good in The Bad

From the forthcoming album The Good in The Bad.

Passionate about continuing to promote powerful Vermont music collaborations, Mertz teams up with SkySplitterInk Productions' Zach Crawford for the second single from his new album The Good in The Bad.

Utilizing Crawford's smooth approach to composition, Mertz adds his rhythmic rhyming technique to create "Move On," a song that that speaks to the urgency of embarking on the journey to fulfill your destiny. That sentiment, along with encouraging words from Crawford, resonated with Mertz before making the decision to create his new LP.

"Zach Crawford was instrumental in helping me realize that I was overdue for another solo project; he inspired me to create new material while simultaneously blowing my mind with production tips and tricks every time we linked up," said Mertz.

In addition to lending his talents to Mertz's most recent single, Crawford mastered the entire album. The result is Mertz's most technically polished project to date. Crawford's influence helped to make the overall sound of The Good in The Bad classic, heart-pounding Hip-Hop.

For more information on Zach Crawford and SkySplitterInk Products, visit Meanwhile, hip-hop fans interested in listening to the single "Move On" - as well as the rest of Mertz's newest album - can find the lyricist at

You can download "Move On" for FREE at

Music fans can look for Mertz's The Good in The Bad, set to be released March 4th, 2014.

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