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BOYCE AVENUE Releases New EP 'No Limits', Full EP Out 4/22

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BOYCE AVENUE Releases New EP 'No Limits', Full EP Out 4/22

The long-awaited new EP from BOYCE AVENUE, NO LIMITS, will be released on April 22, with the pre-sale order available now. Pre-sale buyers will receive an immediate free download of the new single, "I'LL BE THE ONE (ft. Milkman)" from their new EP. NO LIMITS will feature five new tracks and two special acoustic versions.

The new EP offers the upbeat pop-tinged songs "SCARS", "I'LL BE THE ONE (ft. Milkman)" and "SPEED LIMIT", and also more rock-leaning tracks with "ONE LIFE" and "I HAD TO TRY". The songs are versatile yet cohesive, appealing to BOYCE AVENUE's large and varied global audience. NO LIMITS is the first body of new music from the band since their debut album in 2010, ALL WE HAVE LEFT and will be followed by a full-length album to be released by the end of the year.

The band recently kicked off the spring touring season with a headlining European tour. Performing SOLD OUT shows in Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona. BOYCE AVENUE will make multiple stops in Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe from now through mid-April. They have already sold out multiple dates at the same venues that Bastille and One Republic will be visiting this year. (Full tour dates below). BOYCE AVENUE is excited to bring their live show to fans who will be among the first to hear the new songs in an electric live setting. Tickets and VIP upgrade tickets are still available.

BOYCE AVENUE discovered the power of YouTube in early 2007, after they uploaded a few performance videos of their favorite songs and saw the number of views quickly rack up, which has helped lead them to seven years of successful touring around the globe. They have played for sold-out crowds in over 20 countries on 5 continents and selling over 350,000 tickets in the process. Today, BOYCE AVENUE - a band that writes, produces and records all original music via their own label, 3 Peace Records - have become the third most watched band on all of YouTube and have totaled nearly 1.3 BILLION views. The band's main YouTube Channel currently has more subscribers than Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta and Lady Gaga, with 5.5 MILLION, making them the most subscribed band ever! Having established a dedicated fan base around the world they look forward to touring this spring and bringing their live performances to their fans.

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