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Tom Hiddleston On Childhood Theatre Memories, Plus TINKER BELL & THE PIRATE FAIRY

Tom Hiddleston On Childhood Theatre Memories, Plus TINKER BELL & THE PIRATE FAIRYBig screen superstar and popular stage performer Tom Hiddleston describes his earliest theatre-related memories as well as teases his upcoming turn in the animated film TINKER BELL & THE PIRATE FAIRY as part of a new interview.

Looking back at his theatre roots, Hiddleston candidly relates, "During the school summer holidays, my sisters and my cousins would write plays. And at the end of the summer, we'd perform them for our parents."

Summing up the experience, Hiddleston observes, "That's when I started acting."

Furthermore, Hiddleston elaborates of the experience, ''My sisters and my eldest cousin, Zoe, would write the play. My cousin Matt would make the stage... And I would always play the bad guy.''

Looking ahead to his villainous role in the Peter Pan-inspired animated feature film TINKER BELL & THE PIRATE FAIRY, Hiddleston says of voice work in general, "I love voice work because you're stripped of some of your tools. You're stripped of your body and you're stripped of your eyes, which tell so much story when you're doing live-action work. With voice acting, your voice has to tell all of the story, which means you have to work harder but in the most exciting way."

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