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Sebastian Stan Compares Theatre & Film, Plus Talks CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER


Sebastian Stan Compares Theatre & Film, Plus Talks CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIERBroadway headliner and rising Hollywood superstar Sebastian Stan comments on the differences between theatre and film as well as comments on his new titular role in the hotly anticipated Marvel superhero tentpole release CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER as part of a new interview.

Juxtaposing the two mediums, Stan states, "They're definitely very different but, if anything, I would say it's your stamina."

Elaborating, Stan relates of the stage, where he was most recently seen last season starring in the revival of William Inge's classic PICNIC, "There's something about being on stage every night, eight times a week that, if you survive that, you kind of feel like you can really survive anything... almost. It's like being on a train that will not stop."

Stan adds, "So if you jump off that train, you're jumping off while it's at full speed."

Furthermore, Stan says, "It's just, I mean your voice is gone, you're going tired. I mean, maybe you're getting sick even. I was acting sick at one point. I mean, you get a phone call - distressing news - but you've got to go on stage."

"Life is happening but, you know, that saying "the show must go on" is really true," Stan concludes.

As for whether we can expect his next venture post-CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER to be a play or a movie, Stan stays mum on the subject, offering only, "Well... I'm always going to keep them guessing."

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