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Sam Mendes Offers Erudite Rules For Directors

Sam Mendes Offers Erudite Rules For DirectorsAcclaimed Academy Award-winning stage and screen director Sam Mendes was feted by the Roundabout Theatre Company earlier this week with a lavish gala celebrating his career thus far and the helmer has now offered some sage advice as to what rules fellow directors should consider when embarking on a project.

Among the selections in the erudite list assembled by Mendes is the assertion, "Always choose good collaborators. It seems so obvious, but the best collaborators are the ones who disagree with you. It means they're passionate, they have opinions, and they'll only ever say yes if they mean it."

Additionally, Mendes says, "Run a theater. A play is temporary, a building is permanent. So try to create something that stays behind and will be used and loved by others.

Touching upon some his most memorable movie work, Mendes offers, "If you are doing a play or a film, you have to have a secret way in if you are directing it. Sometimes it's big things. American Beauty, for me, was about my adolescence. Road to Perdition was about my childhood. Skyfall was about middle-age and mortality. Sometimes it's small things. Maybe it's just a simple idea. What if we do the whole thing in the nightclub, for example. But it's not enough just to admire a script, you have to have a way in that is yours, and yours alone."

For the complete list, check out the original article on the matter here.

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