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ONCE's John Carney Says New Movie Musical BEGIN AGAIN 'Could Work' On Stage

ONCE's John Carney Says New Movie Musical BEGIN AGAIN 'Could Work' On StageAcclaimed writer and director of ONCE, the hit 2006 indie music-themed filmed that became the Tony Award-winning Best Musical of the same name, says that a similar stage-bound fate may very well be likely for his new movie musical BEGIN AGAIN, featuring a plethora of original songs sung by stars Keira Knightley, Adam Levine and more.

Shedding some light on the real life back-story that informs the new film, Carney intriguingly shares, "My brother was my musical mentor when I was a kid and inspired this film - in some ways more than I knew until he started to get ill."

Furthermore, Carney says, "Unfortunately, he never got to see the end result, so it's a very poignant story."

When queried whether or not Carney intends on pursuing a stage adaptation of BEGIN AGAIN should the film prove to be a hit, he is diplomatic - yet optimistic - in his measured response.

"I don't think lightning strikes twice in life, and I would never tempt fate... but, in theory, yes, it could work."

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