New Prom Scene Image Released From CARRIE Remake

Stephen King's eternally applicable high school horror story CARRIE will be getting yet another film remake this Halloween - following Brian De Palma's classic 1976 adaptation and the lesser-successful, if more novel-true 2002 4-hour TV adaptation - and we have the first clear glimpse of the iconic prom sequence, post-prank.

The new CARRIE is directed by Kimberly Peirce of BOYS DON'T CRY fame so, if directed with the same care and attention to accuracy as that, it presumedly will be spared the cries of misogyny that beset De Palma on the (albeit prurient) original, who was ridiculed for the opening sequence and the manner that it was shot in particular at the time.

While we have already gotten an inkling of Julianne Moore delictably shredding the scenery as the put-upon highschool outcast's religious hysteric of a mother, Margaret White, byway of the already-released teaser trailer, full trailer and promotional poster, we were spared a clear image of the telekinetic girl of the title in her fully pig blood-strewn glory...

Until now.

View Chloe Grace Moritz as Carrie White in the grisly image below.

In your estimation, does she do Sissy Spacek (and, to a lesser extent, Emily Bergl) proud? Is the world ready for yet another Carrie? Furthermore, is the world ready for another CARRIE?

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