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Lee Pace On Highschool Friendship With Matt Bomer & THE NORMAL HEART

Lee Pace On Highschool Friendship With Matt Bomer & THE NORMAL HEARTAcclaimed stage and screen star Lee Pace opens up about his long-standing friendship with fellow versatile thespian Matt Bomer as part of a new interview.

Pace remembers of their early theatre experiences, "He was a year older than me... we did The Diary of Anne Frank. He was Mr. van Daans and I was Mr. Dussel."

Additionally, in regards to Larry Kramer's groundbreaking AIDS-centric drama The Normal Heart - which Pace eventually played onstage and Bomer onscreen - Pace relates, "The fact we had that play in our hands, in this very conservative area of Texas, is extraordinary."

Additionally, Pace says of the play, "It opened my mind and I feel really lucky we had those plays [because] communities need leaders with strong ideas, even if those leaders are kids - kids who are like, 'I don't care what you think.' Those seeds get planted early."

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