Kristen Bell Reveals 'Veronica' Workshop Role in Musical Adaptation of 1980s Cult Classic HEATHERS

Kristen Bell made a name for herself starring in the cult TV series VERONICA MARS - but now, the actress has revealed she recently took a spin as a very different 'Veronica.'

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Bell, currently featured in Disney's latest animated adventure FROZEN, announced that in workshops of the Off-Broadway-bound stage adaptation of Daniel Waters' iconic '80s film, HEATHERS, she played the misfit 'Veronica Sawyer,' originally made famous by Winona Ryder.

Though no casting has been announced for the musical, beginning performances on March 17 at New World Stages, Bell insists she won't be taking any bows in the production - thanks to that "age thing."

"Well, I'm 10 years too old to play that part. It's an age thing," she said. "When we first did it, I think, we did three, maybe four workshops-some of them were in people's living rooms, a few of them were on stage. And the cast changed ever so slightly, but it was mostly a group of [director] Andy Fickman's go-tos, and I played Veronica [the Winona Ryder part] each time. It was so, so much fun. And to be able to get it shown for the writers, and to get it perfected...Ultimately I knew going into it, as the years progressed-this girl is supposed to be 17 and I'm 33-that me playing Veronica on stage wasn't very likely."

Though she may be skipping HEATHERS on stage, Bell insists audiences shouldn't.

"It's going to shock people how good it is," she said. "Kevin Murphy wrote the lyrics; he also wrote Reefer Madness. Larry O'Keefe, who wrote Bat Boy, wrote the music. The music is so crazy catchy. The musical is so funny. To me, it's way funnier than the movie."

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