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Kickstarter Launched For MACBETH-Themed ENEMY OF MAN, Starring Sean Bean

Kickstarter Launched For MACBETH-Themed ENEMY OF MAN, Starring Sean BeanA crowd-sourcing account has been established for a new feature film adaptation of one of William Shakespeare's bloodiest and most revered tragedies, MACBETH, titled ENEMY OF MAN and set to star a slew of notable stage and screen stars.

Among the actors lined up for the potential project already are GAME OF THRONES standouts Sean Bean and Charles Dance in addition to James D'Arcy, Rupert Grint and more.

Additionally, an impressive new promotional trailer for ENEMY OF MAN and a short film titled INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS displaying a preview of the new project have recently been released, as well.

The official description of ENEMY OF MAN is as follows: "Enemy of Man is an ambitious feature length retelling of William Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, Macbeth. This will be the feature directorial debut of actor Vincent Regan. Vincent is no stranger to Shakespeare. Although known for such films as The Messenger, 300, and Troy, he is a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare and National theaters and has directed and acted in Macbeth on the London stage. The Enemy of Man will have a unique cinematic quality, stripping back the dialogue and cranking up the action. It traverses a bleak, frozen landscape of shattered castles and pillaged towns, rendering the interior world that clouds Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's addled minds, as they sink deeper into their heart of darkness. A timeless masterpiece of war, ambition, betrayal, murder and ultimately, revenge."

Furthermore, the filmmakers reveal of the prospects for the film: "Every film, no matter how big or small the production is, has its own set of unique challenges and the Enemy of Man is no different in that respect. The production team behind the project have a wealth of film experience and a passion and desire to see this film get made and have taken measures to offset any nasty surprises. One of our biggest challenges to overcome is going to be raising all the financing required to make this film a reality and this is where you all come in. Though we can not guarantee if we hit our target that the film will definitely be made, we are confident that by completing pre-production with your help, that we will be able to take the project forward and secure additional finance."

More information on ENEMY OF MAN is available at the official Kickstarter site here.

View the promotional trailer for ENEMY OF MAN below.

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