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Julia Roberts Says NORMAL HEART Preparation Was 'The Most Actor-y I've Ever Been'

Julia Roberts Says NORMAL HEART Preparation Was 'The Most Actor-y I've Ever Been'Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts discusses her preparation for HBO's stage-to-screen adaptation of Larry Kramer's acclaimed Tony Award-winning play THE NORMAL HEART, directed by Ryan Murphy, as part of a new interview.

Describing her intense self-imposed rehearsals to play a wheelchair-bound polio-stricken doctor in the forthcoming film, Roberts relates, "It was the most actor-y I've ever been."

Roberts elaborates, "But you don't want to be bumping into walls and doorjambs and scraping your knuckles on things. I thought being in a wheelchair would be so easy and quiet, but it was actually quite tiring."

Furthermore, Roberts reveals she wore lifts in her shoes to mimic a characteristic injury of many polio survivors, sharing, "It was really just for me."

Remarking on her intense research into her part in THE NORMAL HEART and how the director himself responded, Roberts says, "I think I drove Ryan crazy."

As for the ensemble nature of the piece, Roberts opines, "My preference would forever be ensemble... It's where I started, and it's what I love. It's just fun and interesting to see what your fellow actors are coming up with. Mystic Pizza was like that, Steel Magnolias was like that. It's like being in a big family."

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