Jonathan Groff On FROZEN Broadway Adaptation, GLEE & More

Jonathan Groff On FROZEN Broadway Adaptation, GLEE & MoreBreakout Broadway-to-Hollywood star Jonathan Groff addresses his participation in the hit musical properties Glee and FROZEN as part of a wide-ranging new interview.

Comparing working with Ryan Murphy on Glee versus THE NORMAL HEART, Groff adds, "I admire him so much because he is an artist - from Glee to American Horror Story to NIP/TUCK to THE NORMAL HEART; all very, very different stories, but you can feel Ryan Murphy in all of them. So, I feel like that is the definition of a true creative genius and artist."

As for whether his character Jesse St. James will re-appear for the final season of Glee beginning later this year, Groff opines, "I don't know - we'll see what happens."

"I can't believe it's ending - it's the end of an era for certain. I feel so proud to have been on that show - I believe so much in arts education for kids... it's such a great loudspeaker for arts education in high school," Groff reflects on the impact of the series.

As for worldwide animated movie musical smash FROZEN, Groff imparts of his excitement, "I was Mary Poppins for Halloween when I was 3; I was Peter Pan the year after that. Disney was a huge part of me growing up. And, it definitely was a huge part of getting me into singing and getting into theatre - all of that."

Groff relates, "BEAUTY & THE BEAST was the first Broadway musical I ever saw and now they're turning FROZEN into a Broadway musical."

Additionally, Groff shares of getting the job, "It was a huge deal. My mom was the first person I called when I found out I got that job and she was like, "Oh, my God! If we could tell the 5-year-old you you were going to be the voice of a Disney character."

"We all feel like little kids, I think - just excited to be there; to be a part of it - and I think that made it even more special," Groff says of the excitement of all the participants.

View the new interview with Jonathan Groff discussing Glee and FROZEN below.

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