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Jonathan Demme Discusses Unique New Film Of Ibsen's A MASTER BUILDER

Jonathan Demme Discusses Unique New Film Of Ibsen's A MASTER BUILDERAcademy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme discusses the unique way in which he set out to film Wallace Shawn's new adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's acclaimed drama THE MASTER BUILDER, titled A MASTER BUILDER, as part of a new interview in promotion of the film.

Demme relates, "I saw a workshop and was completely blown away by the actors, and moved and gripped by Ibsen's story... I got it."

Additionally, Demme says of approaching the film, "I didn't want it to feel like a filmed play, I wanted a house picture - the mysterious stranger shows up. It became screamingly obvious that these stage performances had to be tempered, altered for the screen."

Plus, Demme says of Wallace Shawn's own acting in the film, "Wally had played Solness's rage very up front... I found with the intimacy of the camera, Wally had to really turn on the Solness charm."

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