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SpectorSoft Is First to Provide Unified View of Employee Activities Across Desktops, Laptops and Corporate-Issued BlackBerry Mobile Devices

January 15
6:47 2013
SpectorSoft Is First to Provide Unified View of Employee Activities Across Desktops, Laptops and Corporate-Issued BlackBerry Mobile Devices

SpectorSoft Corporation, the leader in employee monitoring solutions, today announced availability of SPECTOR 360 7.5. With this latest version, organizations using SpectorSoft solutions can extend granular monitoring, recording and alerting over all employee activities taking place on devices running Windows and Mac OSs and company-issued BlackBerry smartphones. Detailed employee monitoring for all leading corporate computing devices and operating systems allows SpectorSoft customers to gain unified visibility into employees' digital and mobile activities and behaviors, including what information they are sharing, what they are communicating across messaging platforms, what websites they are visiting, and what applications they are accessing. This ability allows security teams to identify, address and immediately mitigate high-risk behaviors that can lead to costly data breaches, brand damage and business disruptions.

"Windows dominates the corporate IT environment, Mac is building market share, and according to RIM, 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and over 10 million SMBs use BlackBerry to enable their mobile workforces. Organizations that don't have visibility into employee digital behaviors taking place across these leading devices and OSs are at risk of compliance violations and costly data breaches," said Jason Judge, CEO of SpectorSoft. "Any enterprise that needs to know, understand and quickly address employee activities taking place across multiple devices and OSs can use SPECTOR 360 to gain immediate visibility into activities and start receiving actionable intelligence that can be used to reduce risk within days of deployment."

"Employees are the heart of insider risk, often inadvertently violating corporate policies or best practices, and most organizations struggle to understand how their behaviors and communications are impacting security. Lack of visibility and insight into what employees are doing with sensitive and regulated information is leaving corporations vulnerable to threats and data breaches," said Michael Osterman, principal and founder of Osterman Research. "SpectorSoft is the first security solutions provider to unify visibility into employee activities taking place across BlackBerry, Windows and Mac OSs, an advancement that provides organizations with an unprecedented level of intelligence into how information is accessed and shared. This represents a leap forward that organizations can use to improve security, achieve compliance and reduce their risk exposure."


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