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SingleHop Debuts Hosted Cloud Apps Built

January 23
11:18 2013
SingleHop Debuts Hosted Cloud Apps Built

SingleHop, LLC, a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud hosting provider, today announced the launch of Hosted Cloud Apps, a new hosted application solution that gives SingleHop customers a vastly simplified way to discover, deploy and manage applications on virtual machines in the cloud.

Built on technology from Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud marketplace and management solutions for IaaS, cloud and hosting providers,Hosted Cloud Apps is an easy-to-use marketplace of 100+ applications, software, development tools and deployment options, fully pre-configured to run instantly and reliably on the SingleHop infrastructure.

Once an application is deployed, automated application lifecycle management features give SingleHop customers an easy way to manage their servers and applications on a continuing basis, including monitoring, scaling, back-ups, upgrades, auto-restore and more.

"Making it easy to launch and run fully configured versions of popular applications, and manage them directly through our LEAP Portal is something our customers have been asking for, and Standing Cloud made it easy for us," said Zak Boca, CEO of SingleHop. "We were able to integrate the marketplace seamlessly into our console and infrastructure, and customize it with our own look- and-feel to provide a user experience that is point-click simple."

In addition to simplicity and ease-of-use, SingleHop's Hosted Cloud Apps solution offers benefits that traditional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and more complex methods of deploying infrastructure and software just can't match. "For example, with a CRM application in SaaS, a user may not have to worry about infrastructure, but they should be concerned about who controls their data and the cost of adding new users," said Boca. "By comparison, Hosted Cloud Apps deliver the simplicity of SaaS, but with complete ownership of data, a wide range of available applications, and no additional costs for adding more users."

"Application storefronts like SingleHop's Hosted Cloud Apps that make it simple to deploy and manage programs like WordPress, SugarCRM and OpenVBX in the cloud are rapidly changing the way software and applications are consumed by businesses and the enterprise," said David Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud. "With easy integration, a Seamless customer experience, custom branding and a deep application catalog, the Standing Cloud Marketplaceis a great solution for innovative IaaS providers like SingleHop who are ready to move up the stack and expand their offerings to the application layer."

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