Northstar Healthcare Exclusive Interview for the Interlinked Investment News Channel on InterlinkedTV

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Northstar Healthcare Exclusive Interview for the Interlinked Investment News Channel on InterlinkedTV

Northstar Healthcare was one of the presenting companies interviewed at the recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference, held at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, California.

During the interview Dr. Don Kramer, CEO of Northstar Healthcare Inc. and an anesthesiologist with more than 25 years experience working on outpatient surgical centers said, "Surgery centers are essentially work places for surgeons. We are a support company. We provide surgeons with great facilities, with highly productive throughput, so that the surgeons can get more done in less time, they know who their staff is and they realize that their cases will never get bumped for emergencies like they may in a hospital. So for surgeons, working in an out patient surgical facility is preferred and in terms of picking one's surgical center vs. another with which they can partner, Northstar has done a great job of showing the surgeons that we are uniquely positioned to help drive their revenues through our consumer marketing programs."

Dr. Kramer added, "We give surgeons two ways to make more money when they partner with Northstar. The first is through their ownership or contracts with our surgical facilities where they get to share in the technical fee that is generated when their patients have surgery at an outpatient center. And the second way is that Northstar drives large numbers of patients into the offices of surgeons."

There are 325 surgical centers in Texas and about 60% of those are independent of an institutional partner or a hospital. Dr Kramer stated that Northstar is currently evaluating a fairly significant book of opportunities in Texas and beyond and it's their expectation that they will start a strong acquisitions program in 2014.

The interview was conducted by FSXinterlinked Investment Conference Host, Michael Fugler, and is available on the FSXinterlinked channel on InterlinkedTV.

More information is available at Northstar's Public Profile on Interlinked's Global Investment Community, where you can contact them to learn a bit about the surgical center industry, what it is that Northstar does, and about their growth as a public company.

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