New Veriton N2620G Series Nettops; Smart Security and Manageability in a Tiny, Tool-Less Chassis

New Veriton N2620G Series Nettops; Smart Security and Manageability in a Tiny, Tool-Less Chassis

Acer announced today the Veriton N2620G Series of nettops for the professional market in Canada. This series features two new models providing multi-level security and smart manageability in a flexible form factor.

Small, affordable and with a tool-less chassis, the new nettops are ideal for organizations looking to conserve space, cost and energy. The new models are about a liter in size and include the Veriton N2620G-FD30F with Free DOS and the Veriton N2620G-EC30X outfitted with Windows 7/8.

These nettops are adequate for most workplace tasks at a lower cost than a fully equipped PC. In addition, the energy efficiency is similar to thin clients, making them a good fit for those who want to keep their traditional desktops and knowledge workers who don't require the power of a standard PC.

"Our Veriton N Series nettops have been well-received by a wide range of customers from IT professionals to small business owners for their low total cost of ownership," said Michael O'Beirne, Acer senior director, commercial product marketing. "The Veriton N2620G Series provides solid performance, security and manageability in a flexible design. Whether they're used in classrooms, libraries or call centers, these nettops offer organizations a practical form factor that is very easy to set up and maintain."

Smart Security and System Management

The new nettops are outfitted with Acer Proshield Security that offers key security and management features within a single user interface. It includes an encrypted hidden drive for confidential files, a file shredder to purge sensitive materials from the system, and a BIOS import and export tool to streamline system management.

The Veriton N2620G Series also comes with Acer's One-Button Recovery (OBR) function to simplify backing up and/or restoring a PC's data and the Veriton ControlCenter that streamlines routine IT tasks and features:

  • Acer eLock Management password protection to lock removable data devices and other interfaces to ensure that data can't be stolen
  • Acer eSettings Management, an intuitive interface for configuration and control of the system
  • Acer PowerSaver for configuring power levels according to computer usage
  • Acer SmartBoot for automatically loading frequently used programs in the system tray at start up

Slick Design

The slick design offers neat cable management, quiet operation and a screw-less chassis to simplify upgrades and maintenance. The nettops can be mounted on a desk via the retractable stand or attached to the back of a display with a VESA mounting system. The VESA mount provides vertical adjustment, so users can access the power button and memory card reader from the top of the display.