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New Positioning System, Locata to Compete with GPS?

January 4
10:18 2013
New Positioning System, Locata to Compete with GPS?

New Scientist is reporting this morning on Locata, which "Instead of satellites, Locata uses ground-based equipment to project a radio signal over a localised area that is a million times stronger on arrival than GPS. It can work indoors as well as out, and the makers claim the receivers can be shrunk to fit inside a regular cellphone. Even the US military, which invented GPS technology, signed a contract last month agreeing to a large-scale test of Locata at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico."

Locata Corporation has invented terrestrial positioning networks which function as local ground-based replicas of GPS. There is no other technology that can do this. The company's LocataNets work with or without satellite-based GPS systems to improve reliability and expand coverage for modern industrial, commercial, government and consumer applications where GPS is erratic, jammed or unavailable. Partnering with global companies like Hexagon, Leica Geosystems, the USAF and others, Locata is pioneering a new "GPS everywhere" experience by developing their new technology to deliver centimeter-level accurate positioning anywhere -- indoors or out. Positioning will never be the same again. Visit


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