New FitPal App for iPhone Measures Body Fitness Directly From User Fingers

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New FitPal App for iPhone Measures Body Fitness Directly From User FingersApp for iPhone Measures Body Fitness Directly From User Fingers" align="left" hspace="10" width="300">

FitPal team successfully completed their pilot project where hundreds of iPhone users worldwide assessed their physical energy level, Discovered their personal best time for exercising, and received personalized recommendations on optimal and safe exercise intensity for each workout. Now that state-of-the-art application for managing people fitness is available inApp Store" href="">App Store for iPhones only.

Thousands of people use FitPal at the gym or at home, receiving lots of fitness feedback from their bodies. Many Discovered that exercising at noon is better for them that at morning. Some found out that they should be exercising way harder to get some results, while others prevented the overtraining syndrome. Lots of positive feedback received from personal trainers as well.

Many people go to gym or have an outdoor exercise at a certain time and follow a certain fitness plan and diet. From time to time a personal trainer brings a breath of fresh air in a boring schedule by introducing few new exercises and some tips for fitness improvement. Most of these people were surprised to see FitPal iPhone App diagnosed them with undertraining with little or no result in fitness performance.

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