Morae Legal Expands its Compliance Solution, Adds Visionary Leadership...

Morae Legal Expands its Compliance Solution, Adds Visionary Leadership... Morae Legal Corporation, a full-service legal consulting and solutions provider, today announces the expansion of its compliance expertise with the addition of AegisAdvantage, including two new Managing Directors, Jim Ewing and Heidi Rudolph. The addition of Ewing, Rudolph and their team further strengthens Morae Legal’s mission of providing clients with sustainable, transformative results through full-service, end-to-end compliance solutions focused on strategy, structure, people, process, data and analytics. The team will join the office in Chicago, a market where Ewing and Rudolph have spent most of their careers.

“We are so pleased to welcome Jim, Heidi and the Aegis team into the Morae Legal family. Their vision for, and expertise in, compliance will help us continue to deliver on our mission of transforming the legal industry,” says Shahzad Bashir, Morae Legal’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have seen the role of compliance become an increasingly critical issue for chief compliance officers and general counsel, resulting in increasing demand for operational and consulting services. With proper implementation, compliance functions create protections both externally and internally that lead to a more efficient and effective legal department and better overall company risk management, and that is the purpose with which we serve our clients.”

AegisAdvantage executive leaders Ewing and Rudolph bring a combined 45 years of experience to Morae Legal as both consultants and in-house practitioners. “We are very excited to join forces with Morae Legal and bring together two best-in-class organizations,” says Ewing. “This venture is a win-win as it will advance the capabilities we offer our clients as well as extending our expertise and services to those working with Morae Legal. We look forward to expanding the Chicago footprint.”

Jim Ewing has spent more than 20 years in the consulting and legal industries, specializing in the management and operational excellence of legal and compliance functions. His talent for reshaping compliance functions has been embraced by some of the world’s largest corporations and resulted in a new paradigm for managing corporate compliance. In addition to designing critically needed compliance functions, Ewing has developed and implemented programs to address some of the most sensitive risk areas, including anti-corruption, data privacy, records management and money laundering.

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