Larson Electronics Releases Fully Portable and Rechargeable Infrared LED Light Tower

Larson Electronics Releases Fully Portable and Rechargeable Infrared LED Light Tower

The WAL-LED3W-4S-IR infrared LED light tower from Larson Electronics is as easy to carry and transport as suitcase sized luggage, yet provides high infrared illumination without the need for external power sources.

This portable infrared LED light tower is designed for easy transport and deployment and can be set up in less than thirty seconds to provide an immediate source of high power infrared illumination. When fully collapsed and closed this unit is approximately the size of a carry on suitcase and weighs only 48 lbs. An included collapsible handle and case mounted wheels provide easy transport around the deployment area simpler deployment. The case is a heavy duty pelican style unit that holds all of the operational equipment inside when closed and provides full protection against damage from impacts and contaminants.

In fully deployed configuration this unit will withstand 65 mph winds even with the tower extended to its full eight feet in height. The operating assembly consists of 4 high output infrared LED light heads mounted atop a collapsible tower that can be raised from 3 to 8 feet in height to produce wide area coverage of large sites. An integral AGM sealed lead acid battery provides fully portable power and will run the unit for up to 55 hours on a single charge. The infrared LED light heads are mounted to the tower with adjustable tension hinges which allow operators to easily position them as needed without tools.

Each LED is controlled by a separate switch, allowing operators to run all of the lights together or independently depending upon the amount of infrared illumination needed and desired battery run time. Operators can choose to independently power one or both sets to provide either 55 hours of operation with only one set, or 27 hours operation with both. The infrared LED emitters on this light tower produce light that can only be viewed with night vision equipment, providing an effective source of auxiliary illumination for military, security and law enforcement operations where covert operations are performed. This unit also features the ability to be charged from a standard 120 VAC wall outlet, or from vehicles and equipment with 12 volt electrical systems.

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