Innovid Releases The First Interactive Video Benchmarks Report

Innovid Releases The First Interactive Video Benchmarks Report

Innovid, the technology platform delivering immersive video advertising anywhere, today released its Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: Q4 2012. The Benchmark provides advertisers with the only comparative report in the industry to assess the performance of video and help plan the most impactful media allocation. Overall, marketers running simple pre-roll campaigns saw an average 1.21% Engagement rate and 69.59% Completion rate on average. Meanwhile, campaigns utilizing video interactivity saw a whopping 3.09% Engagement rate and 71.58% Completion rate. Furthermore, interactive campaigns delivered an additional 21.57 seconds in time spent, converting 30 second media buys into 51.57 slots and delivering a 70% increase in brand exposure with no additional media investment.

Innovid studied over 900 campaigns in Q4 2012, served utilizing its advanced video Ad Server on more than 1000 premium publishers and ad networks globally. The first report of its kind, provides benchmarks for Awareness Rate, Engagement Rate, Time Earned, Completion Rate, Ad Viewability, and Click-Thru Rate focusing on Pre-roll, Innovid's iRoll Apps, and iRoll Expand formats. Innovid examined metrics from hundreds of advertisers across 15 different categories to produce the quarterly report, which is available for download at:

"The Quarterly Benchmark report is a great representation of how video advertising is performing across the industry," said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid. "We served simple pre-roll campaigns to the most complex interactive units across thousands of sites for our clients. Adding a native element like interactivity to pre-roll campaigns proved to be a winning strategy for advertisers, who were able to maximize the impact of their media buys and earn an average additional time spent of 21 seconds of consumers with their brand. This Benchmark report should help our agency and media partners evaluate creative impact, media planning efficacy, campaign performance, and make better decisions about their media allocation."

Overall key findings of the Innovid Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: Q4 2012 report include:

  • 15 second slots saw the highest completion rate at 74.41%, versus 30 second slots that delivered a 68.91%
  • Consumers however are more likely to Engage with longer form content, clicking-in at 2.99% rate on 30-second units versus 2.01% on 15-second slots
  • Interactive campaigns recorded a 44.54% awareness rate, while pre-roll displayed only a 17.57%
  • iRoll Apps provided an average 1.01%, making it a great resource for advertisers with backend goals
  • iRoll Expand delivered an additional 27.37 seconds in time earned on average, providing marketers with brand goals an efficient vehicle to Engage with consumers and maximize media budgets

Innovid also captured industry specific data for its iRoll Apps and Expand formats, with highlights including: