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Electric Slide for iPhone and iPad Lets You Present PowerPoint and More on Any Screen, Anywhere

February 11
9:38 2013
Electric Slide for iPhone and iPad Lets You Present PowerPoint and More on Any Screen, Anywhere

Available today, the official release of Electric Slide allows business users, educators and marketers to wirelessly broadcast PowerPoint slides, documents and videos to any screen. By eliminating the need for VGA cables and USB keys Electric Slide lets presenters focus on what matters the most - a smooth, worry free presentation. Presenters simply swipe their finger across the screen to navigate content. The presentation is shown on nearby screens or to a remote audience in real-time.

Electric Slide addresses an unfulfilled need for those who want to present anywhere they go with just their phone or tablet. The app enables simple wireless presenting by providing each user with a unique URL. Upon entering a meeting, a user can simply type their URL into a web browser and begin presenting wirelessly with their device. Content is delivered from the cloud but also synced with the device, and the app works in absence of an Internet connection as well. Users not physically present can easily join and watch along via the sample URL. Presenters can optionally connect directly to TV using an HDMI / VGA adapter or AirPlay. The app also allows multiple devices to pair through Bluetooth.

Electric Slide uses proprietary technology to convert all content to HTML5. Animations and effects are preserved, enabling viewers to see PowerPoint presentations and other documents the way they were meant to be seen.

"Presenting needs to be as frictionless as possible. As a presenter in front of a room of people, you've got enough on your plate without worrying about why you can't get your computer connected or whether those on the phone can see your slides. We're also seeing users who just don't want to lug a laptop around anymore. We intend to solve those problems," said Jim Phelan, co-founder of Elucidate.

Please visit for more information on Electric Slide.


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