Comprehensive Ethernet Switch Monitoring Now Available on Red Lion G3 Series HMI

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Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the integration of its Crimson 3.0 configuration software with N-View server software from N-Tron. With this announcement, all N-Tron and Sixnet industrial Ethernet switches can be monitored from any locally-mounted Red Lion G3 operator interface.

This offers customers the unique benefit of using Red Lion operator interfaces as visible dashboards to monitor, display, log and alert on network status received from N-Tron and Sixnet industrial Ethernet switches. This level of compatibility between an HMI and Ethernet switch is unparalleled in the industry and marks Red Lion's first "better.together." product offering following the acquisitions of N-Tron and Sixnet.

"We are pleased to announce this cross-product compatibility as we launch our new 'better. together.' campaign to introduce our Ethernet and cellular networking products," said Jesse Benefiel, vice president of product management for Red Lion Controls. "Crimson's integration of N-View support underscores our unwavering commitment to take best practices from each acquired business to create not just a bigger Red Lion company, but a better one with more comprehensive product offerings that benefit our customers."

For customers with N-Tron switches, the integration of Crimson 3.0 and N-View allows plant managers and IT staff to efficiently monitor a number of different network parameters - including data collisions, received packets, dropped packets, alignment errors and more - from a single dashboard. For customers with Sixnet switches, monitoring is accomplished via Modbus. Advanced data logging features offer users the ability to collect and review network performance history. Email and SMS notification is also available to alert remote personal of network issues.

"Customers need an easy-to-use solution to monitor their networks," said Jeff Thornton, director of product management for Red Lion Controls. "By integrating Crimson 3.0 with N-View, our customers can now monitor their automation devices as well as their networking components from a single HMI dashboard. Automated checks on network health can be set to notify personnel via email or text message at the first sign of trouble. These proactive notifications help to reduce process downtime by ensuring the network is always functioning at an optimum level."

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