Cisco Builds on Connected Grid Portfolio

Cisco Builds on Connected Grid Portfolio

Cisco today announced expanded solutions to its Connected Grid portfolio based on the Cisco GridBlocksarchitecture to help utilities modernize their electrical grid. The new portfolio includes the Cisco Utility Operational Network solution, Cisco Connected Grid Design Suite, and Cisco Incident Response and Workforce Enablement solution.

These three new solutions help utilities modernize, manage, and improve everyday grid operations, by providing operational network solutions for mission-critical grid monitoring and control systems; unified electrical and communications network modeling and design resources for rapid and reliable grid implementations; and integrated communication solutions to improve coordination between field personnel and enable faster service restoration. The Connected Grid Strategy ties into Cisco's broader idea of the Internet of Everything, connecting people, processes, data, and things.

New Connected Grid Solutions

  • Cisco Utility Operational Network Solution
    • Cisco Utility Operational Network Solution includes a package of architecture, design services and products for utility wide area networks that provides utility operators a highly secure and flexible multi-point network to support grid modernization efforts.
    • Utilities are provided time-sensitive protection communications, telemetry data, business information traffic, voice calls and video streams delivered over a single network.
    • The new solution replaces the need to manage multiple aging time-division multiplexing (TDM) based and siloed networks that were built around rigid, point-to-point architectures that are unable to handle multipoint power and information flows.
  • Cisco Connected Grid Design Suite
    • Cisco Connected Grid Design Suite includes a set of hardware appliances, software applications and services to manage the complexity of new technology integration in substations by providing utility engineers with a unified view of electrical and communications networks.
    • The new solution will help utilities accelerate deployment with unified modeling, design, and configuration of these substation networks. It also enables the post-deployment visualization and performance monitoring of the network
    • The design suite improves reliability and compliance improves while lowering deployment costs.
  • Cisco Incident Response and Workforce Enablement Solution
    • The solution includes a set of architecture services and products to improve field communications and coordination.
    • Disparate fixed and mobile communication systems, IP-based dispatch, and physical security systems are integrated to improve coordination between utility field crews, dispatchers and remote experts.

Cisco's Connected Grid strategy is to provide an end-to-end, highly secure and interoperable networking infrastructure for electrical grids that allows utilities to better manage power supply and demand, improve the security and reliability of energy transmission, and optimize operations. By delivering multiple applications over a single, intelligent and highly secure platform; electric utilities benefit from both lower total cost of ownership as well as create value from new services and functional integration.