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Armodilo Tablet Display Stands Now Also Support the Google Nexus 7

January 22
11:33 2013
Armodilo Tablet Display Stands Now Also Support the Google Nexus 7

Armodilo Tablet Display Stands are the only small footprint tablet kiosks on the market designed to accommodate a wide variety of tablet devices quickly and easily right out of the box, now including the Google Nexus 7 & Google Nexus 10.

"Armodilo ensures to offer our clients the widest selection of tablet support with our multiple award winning tablet kiosks", states Iles Guran, Founder and CEO. "All Armodilo tablet display products utilized our Tablet Fit Kits, allowing each display stand to be customized to virtually any tablet on the market, simply by providing correctly sized inserts to perfectly position the tablet inside the kiosk head unit", adds Iles.

Unlike any other manufacturer in the tablet kiosk market, Armodilo has been working on Tablet Fit Kits to accommodate clients wanting to display iPad, Android and Microsoft tablets. Armodilo has supported iPad tablets since its inception, and with release of the newer Android-based tablets, it has added Google's Nexus 7 & 10 to the line-up as well.

Currently Armodilo products support over 18 different types of tablets. Custom Tablet Fit Kit configurations are also available.

Each Armodilo Tablet Display Stand comes pre-configured with a specific Tablet Fit Kit for a specified tablet device. The Tablet Fit Kit consists of a custom set of tablet inserts and a custom frame, and changing future tablet devices is easily achieved by acquiring and switching to the new Tablet Fit Kit.


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