WorkWhileWalking Opens First Store Exclusively Devoted to Treadmill and Standing Desks

WorkWhileWalking Opens First Store Exclusively Devoted to Treadmill and Standing Desks, the Web's leading destination for treadmill desk product reviews and advice, today announced the opening of the world's first retail store devoted exclusively to treadmill and standing desk products. Located in Bellevue, Washington, in the heart of Seattle's tech community, the store offers a complete selection of adjustable-height desks, treadmill bases, monitor stands, keyboard trays and other ergonomic aids together with expert staff to help customers realize the life-changing benefits that come from walking or standing while working.

The new store fills a major unmet need in the market that has been holding back broader adoption of walking and standing desks. Until now, consumers have been limited to reading online reviews and manufacturers' websites for these products but there has been no easy way for them to experience what it is really like to type and work while walking or standing at these workstations.

The new WorkWhileWalking store offers prospective treadmill desk customers the chance to bring in their laptops and use any workstation for up to 30 minutes free of charge. After that, additional rental time can be purchased for consumers who want to try using one daily for a couple of weeks, for example, before deciding to buy one and permanently change their work routines. Ergonomically optimized workstations are equipped with external LCD monitors and Bluetooth peripherals. Block time purchases of up to 20 hours will be credited toward the price of any treadmill desk equipment purchased within one year.

"As we've heard from our growing online community, many people hesitate before investing in a treadmill desk because they don't know if they will be able to get used to typing while walking or standing," said Ron Wiener, Editor-in-Chief of "Since our mission is to drive broad acceptance of treadmill and standing desks across the corporate and work-from-home landscape, it made sense to find a way to eliminate this as an objection. We're excited about this new trialing center and expect to expand across the US and beyond over the coming years."