Kyla Gagnon Announces Mission of Body Transformation

Kyla Gagnon Announces Mission of Body Transformation

As she strolls through her local gym, Kyla directs our attention to the long line of men and women on the latest cardio gadgets and says, "Does any of that look like fun to you? Most of them have been bored out of their minds for the last 40 minutes, with no idea they could be doing a fun workout routine which produces dramatically better results in a quarter of the time."

As we glance down the long line of what appear to be cardio robots, we see some very cherry red faces with glazed eyes fixed like glue on a TV monitor overhead, hoping it will somehow make the time go by faster. What they fail to realize is this type of workout routine is not only painfully boring, but it could be keeping them fat.

The metabolism is what essentially determines how much energy a body uses on a day to day basis at rest. Those who have a fast metabolism tend to burn fuel quickly, even if they aren't all that active, while those who have a much slower metabolism burn fuel sluggishly, often suffering from weight problems as a result. A faster metabolic rate makes it easier it to lose weight since the body will burn more fat at rest - even while sleeping.

"I know what you're thinking...Thanks Tips! Nothing new here," laughs Gagnon.

How about a short workout routine that produces better than double the results in a quarter of the time. "When you push your body such as you will do during our short but high intensity exercise sessions, you are taking it out of its comfort zone and will cause a process called EPOC to occur, which is the foundation for our patently unique A2X Xcelerate Effect." states Gagon, who's appearance is exactly as one might think it should be from participating in her workout routine.

This process, defined as excess post exercise oxygen consumption, represents the increased amount of oxygen intake after an exercise session occurs to help replace the oxygen deficit that occurred during the session