Jillian Michaels Announces DietBet to Challenge Fans to Lose Weight

Jillian Michaels Announces DietBet to Challenge Fans to Lose Weight

Bestselling author and America's health and wellness expert, Jillian Michaels, announced today that she is using DietBet, an online social dieting platform, to challenge her fans to lose weight.

Eight million viewers watch Michaels change the lives of overweight contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser. Millions more get motivation from her books, DVDs, and website. Now, for the first time, Michaels is applying her distinctive brand of weight-loss inspiration to a DietBet. The Jillian Michaels DietBet will empower people from all over the world to lose weight together through a combination of competition, collaboration, and financial incentives.

"I love motivating people to take control of their lives," said Michaels. "So I am pumped to see how many people step up and join my DietBet. This is going to be a blast."

"Dietbetting is a creative new way to use social media to lose weight," she added. "I'm excited to use this platform and am looking forward to leading the largest DietBet ever." Throughout the DietBet, Michaels will be cheering on players and providing tips on nutrition, exercise, and motivation. She will also be giving away signed copies of her books and DVDs.

The rules for The Jillian Michaels DietBet are simple. Players all bet $30 into the pot to begin. Everyone who loses four percent of their starting weight over the course of the four-week game splits the pot equally at the end. DietBet is not winner-take-all; everyone who reaches the finish line is a winner and receives an equal share of the pot. To validate weight loss, players submit multiple photos of themselves on their scales to DietBet's human referees.

Dietbetting is an increasingly popular way to use social media to lose weight. Every day thousands of people use the platform to get accountability, motivation, and support from the other players. The approach has proven results. Since January, nearly 100,000 people have played and over 90 percent have successfully lost weight, with winners losing over nine pounds a month on average. DietBetter, the company that makes the DietBet app, has paid out over $2 million in cash prizes to winners and has registered a collective weight loss of over 500,000 pounds.

Michaels' DietBet starts on September 24 and runs through October 21.

"Jillian Michaels is famous for helping people get healthy and lose weight," said Jamie Rosen, DietBetter's founder and CEO. "With Jillian Michaels leading the way, this is going to be an unprecedented event in the history of weight loss, not to mention a ton of fun."