Athleta Launches 'Power of She' Campaign to Celebrate Women Making an Impact

Athleta Launches 'Power of She' Campaign to Celebrate Women Making an Impact

Athletais starting 2017 with the launch of a Power of She campaign showcasing the power of women coming together tocreate socialimpact through a foundation of health and wellness.

Thenewcampaign builds on the Power of She platform the brandlaunched in April 2016. The Power of She brings to life the brand's mission to ignite a community ofactive, confidentwomenand girlstoreach theirlimitless potential andcelebrates the powerof sisterhood with the mantra "Alone We Are Strong,United We Thrive."

"Athletastands for inclusivity,"said Athleta PresidentNancy Green. "We want to breakdown stereotypesand help redefineperceptionsof wellness and strengthwhilecelebrating the power of the female collective to make an impact."

Thecenterpiece of the campaign is a collection of stories each highlightingone 'power'ofPower ofShe including positivity, potential, community and confidence:

Positivity: Tao + Terri
At 98 years old,TaoPorchon-Lynchis the world's oldest yoga instructorwhose philosophy is "there is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us."SheandDr. Terri Kennedycollaborated on a book about Tao's lifeDancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Beingand travel the world together to inspire and impact the lives of women across the globe.

Potential: Audrey + Estelle + Melanie + Kimi
When Audrey 'sdaughter Estelle was born with Down syndrome, shehelped createClub 21 Learning and Resource Centeras a community for parents of children with Downsyndromededicated toincluding people with Downsyndrome in society. She partnered with local studio Rose City Yoga, where instructors Melanie and Kimi lead classes teaching their students confidence and the power of their potential.

Community: Clancy + Kristen + Roma
Thistrio of athletes turned their passion for running intoa wayto support and bring awarenessto maternal health for women around the world through Every Mother Counts (EMC). Clancy, Kristen and Romaparticipate in races to raise awareness and funds to provide skilled healthcare to new and soon-to-be moms around the world.

Confidence: Kate + Ella + Alice
KateT.Parker is a professional photographer who takes photos of girls the way they are naturally in her words,"silly, adventurous, frustrated, happy, athletic, fierce, funny." She has collected her photos in a new bookStrong is the New Pretty (Workman Publishing;available in March)celebrating the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves.

"These women embody the Power of She and representthe impact each of us can havein our community and in the world," added Green.

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