New York City based PR Firm, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR, announced today the details for their much anticipated reality star runway event "The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS". The evening will officially take place on September 13th 2012 in New York City, a day that also resonates loudly for most as the first day of NYC Fashion Week. Celebrity Reality Stars will join forces to walk the runway for this first-of-it's-kind philanthropic event in designer pieces all with a unified goal of raising $300,000+ in funding that will directly benefit Beautiful Planning's 2012 years charity of choice, AIDS United. Designers across the US are still currently submitting their bids for their work to be the line that will be featured within the show. The high society event will only accommodate 500-600 people in person; however will be presented to the public online via live stream. Designer pieces will be auctioned off online following the event with a portion of the proceeds contributing to the final fundraising goal.

"There are an estimated 300,000 people within the U.S., that are living with HIV/AIDS, and do not know it. That number is staggering." States Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR CEO Monique Tatum "It really is heartbreaking and unacceptable in our day and age. Our goal for this amazing event is to raise $1 to represent every single one of those people, increase awareness, and work to end this devastating epidemic."

AIDS United was Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR's first choice as the beneficiary charity for the evening. Located in Washington, D.C. AIDS United works to fund various HIV/AIDS Not for Profits, grant programs, easy treatment access, housing programs and much more throughout the US.

"When we did our research we loved the fact that AIDS United executives were extremely excited and also that when asked where these donated funds would end up, we did not receive The Common response of operating costs." Continues BPMPR CEO Monique Tatum " HIV/AIDS patients come across struggles that many of us could never understand. Struggles that have to do with housing, access to affordable medications needed in order for them to live day-to-day, and so much more. AIDS United programs embrace and effect change for an outstanding number of areas that we mentioned and were concerned about."